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Blogs, Podcasts, Social Networks

Book of Life
A podcast and blog about Jewish books, music, film, and web. Listen by phone, subscribe to RSS and Twitter feeds, or join the Facebook page. Last visited: 09/2014

Branches Blog
The National Church Library Association delived information, updates, and trends in church library ministry. The blog is no longer active however all previous posts are available. Last visited: 09/2014

Church Libraries
This Facebook page was originally the National Church Library Association page, but is now the effort of a single individual. Lots of useful news. There is a section for reviews that has yet to be developed. Visit the site and post a book review, news, or ask a question. Last visited: 09/2014

Church Librarians
If you enjoy Facebook or MySpace, you'll enjoy this social networking site devoted to church librarianship, the nearly 500 members share ideas for operating a library. Joining this free group will allow you to share information about yourself, receive email on the site, ask questions, invite friends to join, post photos, video, and events, start your own blog, and find other librarians in your state. Some advertising. Last visited: 09/2014

LibraryThing Church Library Group
Users of the popular online bibliographic tool share information. Last visited: 09/2014

An electronic mailing list sponsored by Shawn Brower, Circulation Coordinator at Alloway Library, Trinity Western University. According to Mr. Brower the list exists “to inspire, inform and encourage those who work in church or other congregational libraries.” Members from around the world can share ideas, discuss library issues, and ask other church librarians for advice. Since the list’s inception in December 2002, messages on a variety of topics have been posted. Examples include questions about classifications systems, promoting the library, the appropriateness of fiction a church library, and overdue materials. Participation in LINC-L is easy; all you need is an email address. Send an email, wait for a confirmation and then introduce yourself, ask a question, or respond to a previous discussion. Last visited: 09/2014.

mission: information
An “open forum for ideas and theories on the role of information, its organization and dissemination, within the mission and ministry of religious communities.” Last visited: 09/2014.

Shelfari Community
Over 1,400 religious and spirituality based communities ranging in size from 1 to 3,000 members read and discuss books via this affiliate of Groups may be public, meaning anyone can read the discussions, or private. Last visited: 09/2014.

WELS-CLO Book Talk
Designed “for church librarians to share ideas and concerns...” Last visited: 09/2014.

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