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Library Associations
  • American Theological Library Association (ATLA)
    The ATLA's web site introduces visitors to the Association, including history, mission statement, news, conference information, and product catalog. Membership information includes job openings, newsletter, mentoring program, and member directories. Last site visit: 04/2015.

  • Association of Christian Librarians (ACL)
    "Serving the academic library community worldwide," the ACL site features a table of contents linking to general information, membership, publications, conference data, frequently asked questions, Christian resources, strategic plan and bylaws, and job announcements. Although lacking book reviews, the site is a well organized overview of the group. Last site visit: 04/2015

  • Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL)
    Site contains information about the Association, its history, awards, members, conferences, publications, and electronic discussion group. The list of 100 links to Jewish related libraries, special collections, and publishers is useful. Tips on web-based viewing of Hebrew and Yiddish and inclusion of Library of Congress Subject Headings for Jewish Studies typify the power of the Internet to disseminate information to a specialized audience. Although the site does not contain book reviews, the bibliography bank and book club reading lists are well worth a look. An exemplary site. Last site visit: 04/2015.

  • Association of Librarians & Archivists at Baptist Institutions (ALABI)
    Formerly the Southern Baptist Library Association, the Southern Baptists were the first Protestant denomination in the United States to begin a formal organization for church librarians. ALABI holds an annual meeting and sponsors a blog to facilitate idea sharing and fellowship. Last site visit: 04/2015.

  • Association of Seventh-day Adventist Librarians (ASDAL)
    Packed with data, including collection statistics, the ASDAL site archives its constitution, bylaws, minutes, proceedings and reports, membership directory, conference news, and scholarship announcements. Librarians will find reviews in ASDAL Action and interested parties may join SDA-Librarian, an electronic discussion forum for Seventh-day Adventist librarians. Overall, a well-developed church library site. Last site visit: 04/2015.

  • Australian Church Library Association (ACLA)
    The ACLA, founded in 1990, is a relatively young library association. Their web site provides a brief history of the group, news from local chapters, membership and conference information, helpful tips, a "featured library", and a links area. A solid site, containing all the pertinent information. Last site visit: 04/2015.

  • Catholic Library Association (CLA)
    Attractive, well organized site packed with information, including mission statement and objectives, membership form, conference information and related links. Last site visit: 04/2015.

  • Church and Synagogue Library Association (CSLA)
    The largest church library association, CSLA's site links visitors to information about the group, membership, awards, publications, and contact details. Conference news and announcements. Membership application and order form for publications purchase available. Site map links to regional chapters. Sample reviews from the CSLA's bimonthly periodical are a useful introduction. Related links and instructions for authors would be helpful. Last site visit: 04/2015.

  • Church Library Association of British Columbia
    CLABC, founded in 1970, is a Christian, nondenominational group affliated the Church and Synagogue Library Association. Membership fees are $15 per year and include a subscription to the quarterly Rare Bird newsletter. The newsletter is available online to members, with first page available to non members. Last site visit: 06/2012.

  • Church Library Association of Ontario (CLAO)
    This attractive web site is for church libraries in the Ontario, Canada area. CLAO, founded in 1969, is nondenominational and has approximately 250 members. Membership fees are incredibly inexpensive, about $1.00 per month, and include a subscription to the Library Lines newsletter. Although the newsletter is not yet available online a few previous computer-related articles are provided. The Association holds conferences twice a year, spring and fall, on the first Saturdays of May and October and conference information is on the web site. Some image links are missing, but the links still work. Last site visit: 04/2015.

  • Consortium of Church Libraries and Archives (CCLA)
    A group of librarians and archivists from the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. Includes list of subject specialists and contact information. Last site visit: 04/2015

  • Evangelical Church Library Association (ECLA)
    This attractive site includes details on the Association's publication and a sample table of contents. Membership application and order form included. Information for school and church librarians includes winners of Christian book awards. Check out the Book Lists link for core lists of recommend fiction and nonfiction titles arranged by age. Last site visit: 04/2015.

  • Fellowship of Christian Librarians & Information Specialists (FOCLIS)
    A group of professional librarians and information scientists which meets during American Library Association conferences. FOCLIS members seek to reflect their faith in their personal and professional lives. The group is loosely organized and nondenominational. Last site visit: 04/2015.

  • Librarians' Christian Fellowship (LCF)
    A group of British professional librarians providing assistance and support to libraries that might not otherwise be able to afford the help of professional librarians. Their web site contains a brief history, information about the group's activities and special projects, and their publications. Publications, included with membership or available for purchase, include the Christian Librarian, published annually, and the LCF Newsletter, published three times per year. The current table of contents is on the web site, but no articles are provided, nor does it appear that either publication provides book reviews. Special publications are available for a small fee, and can be ordered via e-mail. Last site visit: 04/2015.

  • Northern Colorado Faith Library Network
    Beginning in 2009, four congregations (United Methodist, Evangelical Lutheran, Roman Catholic, and a non-denominational Christian church) formed a partnership for sharing resources and ideas. The group plans a web site, sponsoring a calendar of book-related events, and instructional materials. Also partners with a local Jewish congregation. Last site visit: 04/2015

  • Pacific Northwest Association of Church Libraries (PNACL)
    Founded in 1967 PNACL "...assist[s] in the establishment and operation of church libraries in the Pacific Northwest states and communities." Membership includes a quarterly subscription to The Lamplighter, a New Membership Kit, and use of the Resource Lending Library. Local chapters and conferences are provided. Last site visit: 04/2015

  • Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod Church Librarians' Organization (WELS-CLO)
    WELS Church Librarians' Organization is a group of church librarians that seeks to encourage anyone who is looking to start or rejuvenate a church library. Nonmembers should check out Book-Talk, a blog with RSS feed designed " for church librarians to share ideas and concerns with other librarians." Also, be sure to look in the Resources area for information on a variety of topics, including funding and selection criteria. Finally, if you are thinking about starting a church library and need some free info, WELS-CLO offers a packet to any church requesting it. Incentives to members include the newsletter From the Bookshelf , which contains reviews of materials, although only of materials published by the synod's press. Last site visit: 04/2015.


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