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  • Blackburn, Luanne Radecki. Why the Church Library Is Still Relevant. Christianity Today. posted 8/09/2010
    Abstract: Describes how to start a church library: get the minister's blessing, be prepared for a long term commitment, and find a space and good help. Mentions some of the resources available for new libraries. Last visited: 09/2011.

  • DeMattia, Robin F. "Church library makeover." Your Church, Mar/Apr98, (44)2 44-46.
    Abstract: Provides tips on upgrading a church library. Development of policies and procedures for library use; Factors in selecting books for the library; Ways of promoting the use of the library. INSETS: Help for church libraries; Top ten things a church library needs. Last visited: 05/2013.

  • MacQueen, Neil. "Kids, Computers, and Church & Synagogue Libraries". Church & Synagogue Libraries, [date and pages unknown.] Last visited: 05/2013.

  • Orthodox libraries: the present state and prospects. Round Table Education for change and diaconia.
    Abstract: A collection of four short essays on the state of Russian Orthodox libraries, including an essay on parish libraries. Last visited: 05/2013.

  • Gregory A. Smith's Personal Web Site
    Abstract: Mr. Smith, a librarian at a Christian College, writes extensively on the intersection of librarianship and faith. His site contains numerous articles including "The Core Virtue of Christian Librarianship," "Christian Libraries for the Next Generation: Expanding Access to Evangelical Literature," and "The Integration of Faith and Learning: Perspectives on the Librarian's Role." Last visited: 05/2013.

  • Stitzinger, James F. Building a Solid Theological Library.
    Abstract: A short article originally written in 1992 and revised by Janet Tillman in 2008. Discusses the importance of building a good library, different types of materials for the library, how to select materials and software for running a library, and provides links to various resources such as suggestions for the first 500+ books to purchase. Last visited: 05/2013.

  • Towns, Elmer. Successful Church Libraries.
    Abstract: The full text of this 1975 publication is now available online and includes chapters on appointing a librarian, finances, promotion, selecting materials, circulation, policies, and an introduction to the Dewey Decimal System. Last visited: 05/2013.

  • Wendell, Laura. Libraries for All: How to Start and Run a Small Library. World Library Project. Last visited: 05/2013.

  • Internet Sites

  • mission: information
    Abstract: Originally a consulting service established in 2007, it is now an "open forum "Last visited: 05/2013.

  • Shaping the Values of Youth: Sunday School Books in 19th Century America
    Abstract: A digitization project completed by Central Michigan University and Michigan State University. Search the collection or browse by author or subject. Results contain a biographical sketch of the author, listing of other works, and the complete text of works viewed as scanned images. An interesting look at titles that may have been in nineteenth century American church libraries. Last visited: 05/2013.
  • Books

  • Aue, Pamela Willwerth. What Inspirational Literature do I Read Next? Detroit: Gale Group, 2000.

  • Bosman, Ellen. Resources Manual for Congregational Libraries An annotated bibliography. Church and Synagogue Library Assoc., 2012.
    An entirely new approach to resources for congregational libraries. Bosman has carefully researched and annotated various resources for libraries and has chosen the very best for this guide. Divided into two major sections one with tools for librarians and the other for enrichment resources for library patrons. Resources are arranged in large topic areas such as: reference materials, cataloging and classification, promotion, world religions, parenting, prayer, gender studies, and recommended authors to name a few. 50 pp.

  • Cunningham, David S. Reading is Believing: the Christian faith through literature and film. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Brazos Press, 2002.

  • Dole, Patricia Pearl. Children's Books about Religion. Englewood, Colorado: Libraries Unlimited, 1999.

  • Hardon, John A. The Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan. Royal Oak, Michigan: Grotto Press, 1998.

  • Harvey, John. F. Popular Religious Libraries in North America: a statistical examination. Lanham, Maryland: Scarecrow Press, 1999.

  • Mort, John. Christian Fiction : a guide to the genre. Greenwood Village, Colorado: Libraries Unlimited, 2002.

  • Smith, Gregory A. Christian Librarianship: Essays on the Integration of Faith and Profession. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc., 2002.

  • Walker, Barbara J. Developing Christian Fiction Collections for Children and Adults: selection criteria and a core collection. New York: Neal-Schuman, 1998.

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