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Nursing: NOTE: These pages are no longer being maintained.
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Nursing Care Plans, Care Planning Software
Care Plans, a resource site for health professionals
Blank forms, sample plans, and an essay on assessment. Submit your plan. Last visited: 11/2012.

Comprehensive Nursing Care Plans
Created by two Registered Nurses to "provide interactive instructive samples of nursing care plans unique to nursing home residents." Last visited: 11/2012.

This busy site includes a good deal of advertising and color, making it difficult to see the plans (hint: look in the middle of the page.) The brevity of the plans means the plans function best as a starting point for preparing a more comprehensive plan. The site contains a great deal of content other than care plans. Last visited: 11/2012.

LTSC Books
This publisher offers free access to sample care plans found in their books. Also includes brief instructions for writing a care plan. Last visited: 11/2012

Founded in March 2000, this electronic discussion group "is intended to give nurses an overview of information available to patients." Join in and share your care plan ideas. Last visited: 11/2012.

Nursing Crib
Contains sixty-nine care plans arranged alphabetically by disease. A visually confusing and cluttered site. Last visited: 11/2012.

RN Central
Explains the need for a care plan, formats, and provides an extensive list of sample plans.

Sample care plan for an MS patient

Care Plan Software

Many of the items below represent comprehensive software packages intended for institutional use and which include a care planning module. The following links are provided for informational purposes only. They do not represent a personal, professional, or institutional endorsement or recommendation.

ADL Data Systems


American HealthTech


Clinical Resident Care Information System

McKesson Practice Solutions

Compudata Health Corporation

MDS 2.0 Plan of Care

MDI Achieve

Momentum Healthware Care Designer

ProVision Resident Care System (RCS)


Case Studies

The Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education
An execellent site containing numerous tutorials on a pletora of topics, such as phlebotomy, breast cancer, diabetes, IBD and many others. Check out the online quizes! Last visited: 11/2012.

Integrated Medical Curriculum (IMC)
A very attractive site which requires free user registration. IMC claims to be "the first integrated medical curriculum that links together the study of anatomy, physiology, histology, pharmacology, immunology and medical ethics via the Internet." Extensive graphics and interactive quizzes to test your knowledge. Excellent resource! Last visited: 11/2012.

Nursing Crib
A busy, commercial site containing advertisements. The case studies are primarily disease-based and may contain graphics and charts. Links to suggested care plans are common, although it would be nice if the care plans had a dedicated section. Appears to orginate in the Philippines. Last visited: 11/2012.

MIR Nuclear Medicine Teaching File
View hundreds of cases, with and without diagnosis, arranged by broad subject areas. Each case accompanied by multiple images. Search the case files, or see a randomly selected file to test your diagnostic skill. Last visited: 11/2012.

PRIME Clinical Case Studies
Contains case studies suitable for nurse practitioners, physicians, pharmacists, and case managers. Last visited: 11/2012.
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