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African American
Materials at the NMSU Library

African-American Health
A collection of links from the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. Includes multimedia and covers topics such as nutrition, specific conditions, and clinical trials. Last visited: 12/2009.

African American Women and Medicine: Expanding Interpretations of Colono Ware
Based on the author's thesis, this site explores the use of pottery in medicine. Last visited: 12/2009

African American Community Mental Health Fact Sheet
Mental health induced physical illness occurs more often among African Americans. Find this and other useful facts from the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Last visited: 12/2009.

African American Suicide Fact Sheet
According to the American Association of Suicidology, suicide is the third leading cause of death among African American youth. Find this and other statistical data. Last visited: 12/2009

African-Americans and Cardiovascular Diseases
Download the fact sheet and statistics from the American Heart Association. Last visited: 12/2009.

African Americans and Kidney Disease
The National Kidney Disease Education Program presents useful statistical data such as African Americans are nearly four times more likely than Caucasians to develop kidney failure. Last visited: 12/2009.

African Americans and Lung Disease
In this fact sheet, the American Lung Association reports a variety of statistics, including that African Americans have the highest asthma prevalence of any racial/ethic group. Last visited: 12/2009.

Black Women's Health
This commercial site addresses physical and mental health, with the added bonus of sections on finance and spirituality. Many of the issues covered would concern any woman regardless of race. Each entry contains a lengthy essay written for non-medical personnel, and may provide additional features such as statistics, charts, self-quizzes, and check lists. Essays usually end with 1-5 references and links to other web sites. The primary benefit of this site is the clear layout and brevity of answers. Those seeking in-depth information on the state of African American women's health will need to look elsewhere, as very little of the information is specific to this population.

Cancer Facts & Figures for African Americans
A 28 page report from the American Cancer Society packed with statistical data, including comparisons between ethnic groups, occurance rates by type of cancer and gender, survival rates, and risk factors. Very informative. Last visited: 12/2009.

Health and Health Care of African American Elders
Ethnogeriatric curriculum module examing the patterns of health risk assessment prevention and treatment, access and utilization, and providing instructional strategies. Last visited: 12/2009.

HIV/AIDS among African Americans
HIV/AIDS is a growning health crisis in the African American community, as demonstrated by these statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Immunizations and African Americans
Small statistical tables include information about flu shots, hepatitis vaccinations, and other immunizations. Last visited: 12/2009.

Infant Mortality and African Americans
Statistics on infant mortality, prenatal care, leading causes of infant death, characteristics of mother, including age and education level. Last visited: 12/2009.

Stroke and African Americans
Statistics on diagnosed cases, death rate, stroke induced disability, and risk factors. Last visited: 12/2009.

National Organizations:

Association of Black Cardiologists, Inc.
Inlcudes a cholesterol guide specific to African Americans to data about Last visited: 12/2009.
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