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Asian and Pacific Islanders
Scope note: Included here are sites addressing Asians and Pacific Islanders without regard to country of origin. For additional information see also a specific ethnic group.
Materials at the NMSU Library

Asian and Pacific Islanders Cardiovascular Disease
Statistical fact sheet from the American Heart Association. Last visited: 02/2010.

Asian/Pacific Islander American Health
A lengthy list of articles from the National Library of Medicine. Last visited: 02/2010.

Awareness of anti-cancer vaccines among Asian American women with limited English proficiency: an opportunity for improved public health communication
This 2009 study found that Asian American women with low English proficiency were less likely to know that cancer vaccines existed. Last visited: 02/2010.

Bone Health and Osteoporosis: A Guide for Asian Women Aged 50 and Older
A short summary from the Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases National Resource Center. Describes the condition, risks, and treatment. Also see Asian American Women and Osteoporosis. Last visited: 02/2010.

Correlates of Suicidal Behaviors among Asian Americans.
An article from the 2009 journal Archives of Suicide Research which "revealed that U.S.-born Asian American women had higher prevalence of suicidal ideation and suicide plan than U.S.-born Asian American men and immigrant Asian American men and women." Last visited: 02/2010.

The Dietary Culture of Asia
A short article beginning with a discussion of table manners, moves on to look at food staples, religion and diet, and the three main dietary cultures of Asia:Persian-Arabian, Indian, and Chinese. Last visited: 02/2010.

Does Place of Education Matter? Contextualizing the Education and Health Status Association Among Asian Americans
A 2009 article from Biodemography and Social Biology examining the relationship between place of education and health knowledge. Last visited: 02/2010.

Health and Health Care of Southeast Asian American Elders: Vietnamese, Cambodian, Hmong and Laotian Elders
A lengthy introduction presented as a "learning module." Topics include health beliefs and practices, historical experiences, health assessment issues, health promotion, medication, family involvement and end-of-life concerns. Contains sample cases, questions which could be used for discussion or written assignments, student evaluation questions, and extensive notes. Last visited: 02/2010.

Light and intermittent smoking among California's Asian Americans.
A 2009 comparison of different Asian groups' smoking habits. Last visited: 02/2010.

Why do Asian-American women have lower rates of breast conserving surgery: results of a survey regarding physician perceptions.
This 2009 study determined that "U.S. Asian women with early-stage breast cancer are more likely to receive a modified radical mastectomy than White women...[because of] patient attitudes toward not needing to preserve the breast, smaller breast sizes, and fear and cultural beliefs." Last visited: 02/2010.

National Organizations:

Asian and Pacific Islanders Health Forum

Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations
Consult the Programs section to find some information which can be downloaded.

National Asian Women's Health Organization

Southeast Asia Resource Action Center


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