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Materials at the NMSU Library

Buddhism and Medical Ethics: a bibliographic introduction
A 1995 article from the Journal of Buddhist Ethics which briefly summarizes positions on personhood, abortion, death/dying, and euthanasia. A lengthy bibliography accompanies the article. Last Visited: 07/2007

Buddhist Healing
An essay written by a Buddhist monk discussing how the power of the mind can be used to combat illness and restore health by using imagery and visualization. Last Visited: 07/2007

Buddhist Views of Suicide and Euthanasia
An article by Carl B. Becker which originally appeared in Philosophy East and West v. 40, no. 4 (October 1990) pp. 543-555. Last Visited: 07/2007

Koan of cloning : a Buddhist perspective on the ethics of human cloning technology
A breif, easy to read article. Last Visited: 07/2007

Loving Kindness- The Essential Buddhist Contribution to Primary Care
A short, layman's article. Last Visited: 07/2007

Posting five precepts : a Buddhist perspective on ethics in health care
Buddhist beliefs regarding murder, stealing, sex, dishonesty, and drug usage. Last Visited: 07/2007

Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library
"Founded March 1, 2000 in conjunction with the University of Virginia Library and the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities. It provides an integrated environment for digital publication." Search for articles by keywords. Last Visited: 07/2007

What Buddhist Meditation has to Tell Psychology About the Mind
A talk delivered at The American Psychological Association. Last Visited: 07/2007
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