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Collected Essays
Culture and the Optimistic Health Bias
Age, gender and religious factors. Last visited: 12/2009

Ethics: Nursing Around the World: Cultural Values and Ethical Conflicts
This article describes the roots of and difference between cultural values, ethics, and ethical conflicts with examples U.S. cultures and advocates for the "creation of additional strategies to decrease ethical conflicts related to cultural values." Last Visited: 1/2010

Health Care for Children of Immigrant Families
A short 1997 article from Pediatrics, a journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Last visited: 12/2009

Many Faces: Addressing Diversity in Health Care
This 2003 article "present[s] a model [for] culturally competent care. The concept of cultural competence is discussed, The Process of Cultural Competence in the Delivery of Healthcare Services Model is described, and a mnemonic to guide in providing culturally competent care is presented." Last Visited: 1/2010

Race, Health Care and the Law
A series of links and essays prepared by a law school student. Last visited: 12/2009


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