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Health Profiles

Scope note: Contained here are descriptions of sites providing summaries of the health beliefs and practices of multiple populations.

Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Surveys (CAHPS)
Contains statistical data regarding racial and ethnic minorities utilization of Medicare and Medicaid. Differences in smoking behavior and cessation is an added bonus. Last visited: 12/2009.

Cross Cultural Health Program
This Settle-based program focuses on cultural issues impacting on health care. Although this site offers items for purchase, there are community profiles for: Arabs, Cambodians, Eritreans, Ethiopians, Lao, Mien, Oromo, Samoans, Somali, South Asians, Soviet Jews, and Ukrainians. Last visited: 12/2009.

A collection of health profiles from the University of Washington. Includes Ethiopian, Somolian, Eritrean, Cambodian, and Vietnamese. Last visited: 12/2009.

Ethnic Community Health Profiles
A sharp looking, attractive site from the Queensland (Australia) Health Information Network. Divided into three sections: Cultural Diversity, Guidelines to Practice, and Checklists for Cultural Assessment. Complete documentation on a wide variety of issues, included, but not limited to: birthing practices, death and dying, diet and food practices, and gender and modesty. Excellent ethnic health guides outline migration, language, family and society issues, psychosocial stressors, communication styles, health beliefs and practices, health status, health care utilization, views on mental health, suggestions for health care workers, and suggested readings. While the guides focus primarily on a given population's experience in Australia, they contain valuable background information. Populations examined include: Australian South Sea Islanders, Bosnian Muslims, Cambodians, Chinese, Croations, Greeks, Hmong, Italians, Latin Americans, Muslims from West Asia, Philippines, Samoans and Tongans, Serbians, Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia, and Vietnamese. Special populations are also addressed, such as children and youth, women, and victims of torture and trauma. Last visited: 12/2009.

Pan American Health Organization
Health situation trends, health by population group, diseases or health impairments, response of health systems, technical and financial external cooperation on health, and country profiles. Last visited: 12/2009.


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