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Attitudes toward genetic testing of Amish, Mennonite, and Hutterite families with cystic fibrosis
An article by S. R. Miller and R. H. Schwartz which appeared in the American Journal of Public Health in February 1992. Last visited: 07/2007

Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online
Although the title indicates the primary emphasis on Mennonites, information on related groups, such as the Amish and Hutterites, is available. For a broad overview, search the terms health, medicine, or folk medicine. Researchers may also try the names of specific diseases, conditions, or social customs such as marriage, birth control, or child birth. All of the signed and dated articles are adapted from the print version of Mennonite Encyclopedia. Last visited: 8/2007.

Homepage of the Hutterian Brethren
The official homepage of the Hutterites. Learn about their unique lifestyle, religion, customs, traditions, and history. Discover how they earn a living, and what they do in their leisure time. In addition, find out what about their educational system, dating, marriage customs, and the role of women. Last visited: 07/2007

Hutterites: A Selected Bibliography
An extensive and well organized listing of books, articles, dissertations, and other items on all things Hutterite. The site begins with a brief history of the Hutterites and the Bruderhofers, a related group. Visitors looking health related information will need to go to each section and scan through the entries, since the site lacks subject arrangement. However, the persistent user will find items on mental health, personality, heart disease, hypoplasia, health promotion, genetic studies, and lung disease, to name only a few of the hidden jewels on this site. Prepared by a librarian at South Dakota State University, the site is recommended for currency and completeness. Last visited: 07/2007

Together They Stay a World Apart
This extremely short 1998 article from Smithsonian magazine features a brief history and a few photos. The link for additional resources at the bottom of the page will simply suggest two books and the official Hutterite homepage.
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