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Transcultural and Multicultural Health Links
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Islam, Muslim, Moslems
This commercial site contains information on spirituality, wellness, diet and nutrition, and mental health. The site's stated purpose is to "disseminate a wide range of information from sociological and psychological perspectives that would be of interest to Muslims around the world." A panel of experts is on hand to answer questions. Last Visited: July 2007.

History of Islamic Medicine
A collection of links. Last Visited: July 2007.

Islamic Culture and the Medical Arts
An online exhibit from the National Library of Medicine tracing the history of medicine in Islamic cultures. Last Visited: July 2007.

Islamic Medicine
A collection of online books from an Islamic doctor focusing on a variety of issues, including history, philosophy and ethics of Islamic medical practice. Specific health issues include sex, mental health, stress, alcohol and other drugs, fasting and other dietary regulations. Unfortunately, visitors to the site will have to wade through a list of other "books" and poems in order to locate those essays relevant to health. Last Visited: July 2007.

Smoking: A Social Poison
A lengthy essay. Last Visited: July 2007.

National Organizations

International Institute of Islamic Medicine
Last Visited: July 2007.

Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America
Provides explanations regarding Islamic attitudes and beliefs towards food and nurtrition. Includes a newsletter with useful information citing Islamic jurisprudence and food safety issues. Last Visited: July 2007.

Islamic Medical Association of North America
Last Visited: July 2007.
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