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Materials at the NMSU Library

Jewish Vegetarianism -- Theological Perspectives on Judaism and Vegetarianism
This non-schlarly article discusses the medical evidence for a vegetarian diet and asserts that Jewish teachings prescribes such a diet. Includes a question and answer section. Last visited: 7/2007.

The Thirteen Principles of Jewish Medical Ethics
The Thirteen Principles of Harofei Yaakov Ben Ben-Tzion Halevi are presented with commentary. Following the links at the bottom of the page for information related to food and diet. Last Reviewed: 7/2007.

National Organizations:

Jerusalem Center for Research: Halacha and Medicine
The Center "studies the halachic implications of modern medical developments and practice. This research forms the basis for educational activities and consultation in the field of medical ethics for the medical and lay communities...." Look under the case studies area to find a few medical cases and how they were resolved within Jewish law. Also check under the publications area, where a lengthy article regarding smoking can be found. Last Reviewed: 7/2007.

National Institute of Judaism and Medicine
"Founded in 1988, provides the opportunity for dialogue and assessment of the ever-expanding world of possibilities opened by the advance of medical science in light of the millenniums-old Jewish ethical and philosophic tradition. Last Reviewed: 7/2007.
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