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About Korea
Check out the society and culture sections for short, illustrated essays and streamingvideos about the history, people, culture, and other aspects of Korean life. Topics include food, lifestyle, religion, beliefs, and customs. From the Korean Information Service. Last visited: 02/2010

Acculturation and cigarette smoking among Korean American men.
Length of time in the United States, age, and alcohol use were predictors of cigarette use. Last visited: 02/2010

Acculturation, meal frequency, eating-out, and body weight in Korean Americans.
"This study examined whether acculturation was associated with regularity of meals, eating-out, and overweight in Korean Americans." Last visited: 02/2010

Attitudes toward mental health services: age-group differences in Korean American adults.
Compared "attitudes toward mental health services held by younger and older groups of Korean Americans." Last visited: 02/2010

Cultural Perspectives on Korean American Cancer Control.
Examines several cultural influences, including "using food as medicine, the traditional classification of body types, and the sasang theory for the treatment of illness." Last visited: 02/2010

Do Cultural Factors Predict Mammography Behaviour among Korean Immigrants in the USA?
"Measured screening-related health beliefs, modesty and use of Eastern medicine in 100 Korean American women and determined that only 51% of Korean women had a mammogram. Last visited: 02/2010

The effects of religiosity, spirituality, and social support on quality of life: a comparison between Korean American and Korean breast and gynecologic cancer survivors.
Uncovered a difference between the influence of religion on Korean American women and Korean women cancer survivors. Last visited: 02/2010

Health and Health Care of Korean-American Elders
A summary from 2001 of cultural demographics, religion, patterns of health risk, suggestions regarding culturally appropriate geriatric care, assessment, instructional questions and strategies. Last visited: 02/2010

Hepatitis B
Information from the Hepatitis B Foundation in Korean. Last visited: 02/2010

Improving Access to Mental Health Services for Korean American Immigrants: moving toward a community partnership between religious and mental health services.
This study examines need for mental health workers to partner with Korean religious groups. Last visited: 02/2010

The Korean American family: adolescents versus parents acculturation to American culture.
Examines adaptation to American culture. Last visited: 02/2010

Korean American women's beliefs about breast and cervical cancer and associated symbolic meanings.
This study found a correlate between cultural and relgious beliefs and the likelihood of cancer screening. Last visited: 02/2010

Korean women: breast cancer knowledge, attitudes and behaviors.
Found that a patient education effort conducted through local Asian grocery stores may have motivated women to schedule a breast cancer screening. Last visited: 02/2010

A multifaceted intervention to increase cervical cancer screening among underserved Korean women.
A control group study determined that multiple approaches are necessary to encourage Koren women to seek cancer testing. Last visited: 02/2010

Rates and independent correlates of Pap smear testing among Korean-American women.
Found a low incidence of compliance with medical recommendations regarding testing. Last visited: 02/2010

Relationships between Household Smoking Restrictions and Intention to Quit Smoking among Korean American Male Smokers in California.
This 2010 article determined "smoking restrictions in the household are associated with an intention to quit smoking among Korean American male smokers in California. Last visited: 02/2010

This, that, and the other. Managing illness in a first-generation Korean-American family.
A short case study demonstrating the complexity of traditional cultural beliefs and practices when an ill patient encounters the Western medical traditions. Last visited: 02/2010

The Value and Meaning of the Korean Family
A short essay addressing values and meanings. Last visited: 02/2010

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