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Materials Available at the NMSU Library: Hispanic
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American Folk Medicine
Contains a chapter on Curanderismo detailing the different types of healers and practices.

Good Neighbors: Communicating with the Mexicans
This concise book shows "...how the cultures of Mexico and the U.S. differ, how Mexicans and North Americans misperceive each other, and, perhaps most important, what can be done to bridge the gap." Individualism, importance of family, sex roles and sexuality, concept of time, and general communication issues are addressed.

Guía para la buena salud para los hispanos (Guide to healthy living for Hispanics)
A program to raise awareness of the health risks facing Hispanic Americans today. Includes testimonials from Ricardo Montalbán, Olga Guillot and José José. Hosted by María Elena Salinas. VHS. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Health of aging Hispanics : the Mexican-origin population

Handbook of U.S. Latino psychology : developmental and community-based perspectives
A history of Latino psychology, methodological and ethical issues, ethnic identity, immigration, acculturation, families and parenting, perspectives on the elderly, early intervention programs, clinical and evidence-based approaches, substance use, sexuality and risk behaviors, recommendations for future directions.

Healing with herbs and rituals: a Mexican tradition
Folk healers and folk healing, history of curanderismo, ailments, rituals, beliefs, fusing traditional and modern medicine, where to get herbs, preparing herbs, warnings, important terms, Spanish language list of plant names, glossary of herbs.

Health issues in the Latino community
A collection of articles examining policy issues, health status, access to health care, disease patterns, life stages, occupational health, drug and alcohol use, and suggestions for future health initiatives.

Hispanic Americans: A Statistical Sourcebook
Published each year, this work contains charts examining general population statistics, including social, family, education, labor, income characteristics. Some health information included each year, but topics vary.

Hispanic voices : Hispanic health educators speak out.

Latina realities : essays on healing, migration, and sexuality.

Latino families in therapy : a guide to multicultural practice.

Latino health in the US : a growing challenge.

Latino patient : a cultural guide for health care providers.

Latino psychiatric patient : assessment and treatment.

Medicalizing ethnicity: the construction of Latino identity in a psychiatric setting.

Neuropsychology and the Hispanic patient: a clinical handbook.

Psychological interventions and research with Latino populations.
Contains information on how socioeconomic and cultural factors affect health seeking behavior and delivery. Linguistic barriers, sex and HIV prevention, drub abuse, disabilities, and violence are a few of the interesting topics addressed. Particularly noteworthy is the chapter on African influences on Latino culture and health-related behaviors.

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