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Transcultural and Multicultural Health Links
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Native American, American Indian, Indians
Materials at the NMSU Library

American Indians and Native Alaskans Cardiovascular Disease
A Biostatistical Fact Sheet from the American Heart Association. Last Visited: 11/2007.

An Anthropological Study of the Acquired Immunedeficiency Syndrome Among American Indian Populations.
A dissertation examining AIDS among American Indians. Ten individuals with AIDS are presented. Statistics, methodology, and bibliography included. Last Visited: 11/2007.

Disparities in Health Status and Use of Medicare & Medicaid Services
A narrative and statistical report produced in 2001. The report examined three key questions: 1) Are American Indians enrolled in Medicare health plans similar to or different from White non-Hispanics in self-reported health status, changes in health status from the previous period, and health conditions? 2) Are there differences between American Indians and White non-Hispanics in the pattern of health services use, overall and for specific health conditions? 3) Are there differences between the two groups in changes in health status from the previous year, for specific conditions?
Last Visited: 11/2007

Food Pyramid for Native Americans

"If You Knew the Conditions": Health Care to Native Americans
A online exhibition from the National Library of Medicine.
Last Visited: 11/2007

HIV/AIDS among American Indians and Alaska Natives
Fact sheet from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Last Visited: 11/2007.

Native American Cancer Research Program
Visitors to the site will find three informative documents. Native Americans and Cancer is a brief, non-scholarly essay; Cancer Research Needs of American Indians and Alaska Natives, is a scholarly essay originally appearing in Native American Monograph No. 1 form the National Institutes of Health. The latter includes statistical charts and regional variations for lung, colon and rectum, breast, prostate, cervical, stomach, pancreatic, and gallbladder cancers. An interlinked table of contents for easy navigation and references round out this portion. Last Visited: 11/2007

Native Health History Database
Health related articles from 1652 to 1966 have been identified, indexed, assigned keywords, and abstracted to form a database. From the Health Sciences Center Library, University of New Mexico.

Native American Health Resources
A collection of links, primarily to national organizations. Last Visited: 11/2007

Native American Nutrition Education Database
A small database of less than 100 records. Although searching is possible, viewing all records in the database is easier. Last Visited: 11/2007

"NativeWeb is ... dedicated to using...the Internet to disseminate information from and about native or Indigenous nations...and to foster communication between native and non-native peoples...." This attractive commercial site contains a subject index including entries on health, language and linguistics, food, religion, and many others. Links are alphabetically arranged and contain evaluations. Last Visited: 11/2007

Puget Sound Traditional Food and Diabetes
Uses archaeological and historic data to develop a long-term picture of Native American diet in Puget Sound focusing on Tulalip, Muckleshoot, and the Suquamish tribes. Last Visited: 11/2007

Roots of North American Medicine
A brief, non-academic history reprinted from Indian Life Magazine. Last Visited: 11/2007

Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts
A program which "bring[s] together community-healing resources with the tribal justice process, using a team approach to achieve the physical and spiritual healing of the participant and the well being of the community." Last Visited: 11/2007

National Organizations:

Association of American Indian Physicians
Bibliographies, conference and workshop information, links, and project information. Last Visited: 11/2007

Indian Health Service
Primarily contains policy information from the U.S. Government. Last Visited: 11/2007

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