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Refugees and Immigrants

Scope note: Included here are sites addressing Refugees and Immigrants without regard to country of origin. For additional information see also specific ethnic groups.
Refugee Health - Immigrant Health
Sponsored by Baylor School of Nursing, Texas Department of Health, Office of Refugee Resettlement, and the Vietnamese MAA this site provides information on a variety of refugee and immigrant populations, including: Bosnian, Cambodian/Khmer Cuban Ethiopian/Eritrean, Gypsy/Roma, Haitian, Indian (Asian), Iraqi, Korean, Kosovar, Kurdish, Laotian/Lao Liberian Mexican/Hispanic, Nigerian, Somali, Sudanese, and Vietnamese. There are a number of short essays on topics such as religious issues, mental health, women, and infectious diseases, to name just a few. Navigating the site is a bit cumbersome due to layout, therefore visitors are advised to take their time. Last visited: 01/2009

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