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Resource Guide for Tibetan Medicine
A brief essay with suggestions for further reading. From the Institute for Traditional Medicine. PDF file format. Last Visited: 1/2010

Dharma Haven
A large collection of links. Last vistied: 1/2010

Tibetan Buddhist Medicine: A Transcultural Nursing experience
A lengthy article written by a nurse based on her personal experience. Includes an overview of Tibetan medicine. The dharmic principle, which emphasizes the mind-body relationship, and the tantric principle, which emphasizes the relationship of religion and medicine, are discussed in this easy-to-read introduction to Tibetan medicine. Last vistied: 1/2010

Tibetan Herbal Medicine: With examples of treating lung diseases using rhodiola and hippophae
An article from Institute for Traditional Medicine which includes references. Last Visited: 1/2010

Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library
"Founded March 1, 2000 in conjunction with the University of Virginia Library and the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities. It provides an integrated environment for digital publication." Search for articles by keywords. Last Visited: 1/2010

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