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Materials at the NMSU Library

Childbirth customs in Vietnamese traditions.
From a 1999 article in the Canadian Family Physician. Last visited: 1/2010

Diabetes Control among Vietnamese Patients in Ho Chi Minh City: An Observational Cross-Sectional Study
A 2010 scholarly article examining the extent to which Vietnamese diabetes patients comply with medical regimens. Last visited: 2/2010

Effect of Vietnamese Common Diet on Postprandial Blood Glucose Level in Adult Females
A scholarly article from the Japanese Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology. Last visited: 1/2010

Hepatitis B
From the Hepatitis B Foundation, information in Vietnamese. Last visited: 1/2010

Promoting Good Health Through Diet & Lifestyle
This booklet "provides nutrition assistance to people with low-income [and] can help families buy nutritious foods for a better diet." Includes five lessons in Vietnamese with English translation. The lessons include: Let's Excercise, Food Guide Pyramid & Traditional Foods, Cutting Down on Fat, Fruit & Vegetable, Alcohol & Tobacco. Last visited: 1/2010

Vietnamese Community Health Promotion Project
Program conducted by University of California San Francisco designed to improve the health of Vietnamese living in the U.S. Includes information about smoking and breast cancer written in Vietnamese. Last visited: 1/2010

Vietnamese diabetic patients and their physicians: what ethnography can teach us.
A scholarly article appearing in a 2001 issue of the Western Journal of Medicine. Last visited: 1/2010

Vietnamese Studies Internet Resource Center
Those interested in health issues should visit the bibliographies, which are arranged by ethnic group. Data is primarily in the form of citations to books and articles. Could be better organized and searchable. Last visited: 1/2010

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