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Transcultural and Multicultural Health Links
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Breast cancer Racial and Ethnic Differences
A fact sheet from the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation demonstrating racial and ethnic comparisons. Last visited: 8/2007.

HIV/AIDS among Women
Women account for more than one quarter of all new HIV/AIDS diagnoses according to this fact sheet from the Centers for Disease Control. Last visited: 8/2007.

Multicultural Aspects of Breast Cancer Etiology
This bibliography of 1,430 articles from 1993-1998, was prepared by the National Library of Medicine, and is divided into five (5) sections: special studies and reports; racial, ethnic, and cultural differences in breast cancer incidence; racial, ethnic, and cultural differences in risk factors; screening and early detection; and mortality/survival Issues. These are subdivided accordingly, with specific citations for : African Americans, American Indians/Alaska Natives, Asians, Hispanics, Native Hawaiians/Other Pacific Islanders, the aged, Ashkenazi Jews, males, socioeconomically disadvantaged, and rural populations.

Primer on Women and Tobacco: The Leading American Epidemic
This short publication from the American Medical Student Association offers a quick way to get up-to-speed on this primary care topic, along with resource lists and chapter project ideas. Recommended. Last visited: 8/2007.

Southeast Asian Women
Reading lists regarding physical and mental health and domestic violence among several populations, including Cambodian, Hmong, Vietnamese, and Filipino. Last visited: 8/2007.

Women and Cardiovascular Disease: A Biostatistical Fact Sheet
Extensive statistical charts for a variety of ethnic groups from the American Heart Association. Last visited: 8/2007.

National Organizations:

American Medical Women's Association
Visit the publications section for issues of the Journal of the American Medical Women's Association from 1994-2005, or browse the Collections section for lists of articles on selected topics. Last visited: 8/2007.

Office of Women's Health
An U.S. government office web site containing a variety of programs and issues related to women's health. Be sure to look for statistical data from the Women’s Health USA Databook. Visit the National Women's Health Information Center for free information on more than 800 topics in Spanish and English. A subsection of the site focuses on minority health and is further divided by ethinc groups. Last visited: 8/2007.
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