In order to make sure that burner is correctly aligned check that the slot in the burner head is parallel to, and slightly below the sample beam.This procedure will only need to be carried out when changing burner heads.

1. In the control panel, set the SIGNAL control knob to ABS and the MODE control to continuous.Press the AZ (auto zero) key to set the display to zero.

2. Raise the burner head with the VERTICAL ADJUST KNOB until an absorbance is indicated on the display.

3. Slowly lower the burner head with the vertical adjust until itís just below the source beam. The display must be at zero.

4. Ignite gases as describe in the GAS IGNITION section.

5. Aspirate a standard that provides an absorbance of 0.2 to 0.6 units and adjust the position of the burner head by turning the HORIZONTAL ADJUST KNOB until maximum absorbance is indicated.

6. Turn the ROTATIONAL ADJUST KNOB to obtain maximum absorbance.