1. Set the SIGNAL control to concentration.

2. Through the keyboard enter the value for the lowest standard then press the S1 key, repeat for standard two and three. Model 460 measures the absorbance of each standard, equates it to the concentration and constructs an appropriate calibration curve.

3. Enter the integration time through the keyboard and press the INT button to enter the interval (0.2 60 seconds).

4. Aspirate a blank solution and press the AZ key (auto zero).

5. Aspirate the standard representing S1 and press the S1 key. Repeat for the remaining standards in order of increasing concentration.

6. Since some degradation in calibration may occur the operator is urge to recalibrate after reading various samples.

7. For Flame Emission analyses remove or unplug any hollow cathode lamp is in the lamp compartment. Set the SIGNAL switch to EM CHOP with the appropriate slit and wavelength for the element of interest and repeat steps 2 through 6.