1. Turn the POWER switch of the gas control (K) to the ON position.

2. Turn on the vent hood to remove fumes and vapors from the flame.

3. Switch the OXIDANT SELECTOR VALVE (I) to air. The air supply for the AA in room 263 comes from a central source and an oil-filter is used to maintain the air free of oil and dust (Please check Special Laboratory Requirements section in Instruction Manual).

4. Switch the FUEL VALVE (C) to the on position (For most of the analyses acetylene is the fuel of choice for Perkin-Elmer AA, however, if some other fuel is required please check Special Laboratory Requirements section in The Instructions Manual).

5.Once the fuel and oxidant flow meter are set at 30 and 55 (arbitrary units) respectively, ignite the burner by pressing the IGNITE button (E). Ignition will occur only when the oxidant selector valve is on the air position and the safety interlock pin on the burner head hold-down cable is connected.




A Fuel Pressure Gauge B Oxidant Pressure Gauge

C Fuel Toggle Valve D Fuel and Oxidant Flowmeters

E Ignite Button F Fuel Pressure Regulator

G Oxidant Pressure Regulator H Fuel Flow Needle Valve

I Oxidant Selector Valve J Oxidant Flow Needle Valve

K Power ON/OFF Switch