The procedure can be summarized in the next steps:

1. Install the recommended light source, position the lamp so that is held by two springs in the lamp holder.

2. Press the POWER button on the control panel to turn on the instrument.

3. Turn the SIGNAL control knob to LAMP, the AA/BG switch to AA, and turn GAIN fully counterclockwise.

4. Turn the LAMP CURRENT CONTROL (F) clockwise until the ENERGY/LAMP METER (E) shows the proper value indicated on the lamp label.

5. Change the SIGNAL control knob to SET UP. Set the SLIT (A) to the proper value and adjust the COARSE ADJUST WAVELENGTH CONTROL (D) to the correct setting on the WAVELENGTH COUNTER (B) (refer to the Analytical Methods Manual for proper settings for the element of interest).

6. Turn the FINE ADJUST WAVELENGTH CONTROL (C) slowly to obtain maximum needle deflection to the right on the ENERGY/LAMP meter (E). With the GAIN control knob (G) keep the needle on scale.

7. Turn the two alignment knobs on the lamp holder to maximize the ENERGY/LAMP meter (E) reading.

8. Close the lamp compartment.

9. Change the SIGNAL control knob to ABS and proceed to ignite the flame.




A Slit Selector

B Wavelength Counter

C Fine Adjust Wavelength Control

D Coarse Adjust Wavelength Control

E Energy/Lamp Meter

F Lamp Current Control

G Gain Control