The simplest output devices consist of a moving–coil meter or a pen recorder displaying percentage transmission. The Model 460 has a digital display, which provides a direct readout of absorbance values. Together with a provision for curve linearization, it forms the basis for displaying outputs directly in concentration terms, using standard solutions for calibrations.  At present, most aspects of instrument control, operation, standardization and data processing or storage are carried out by a microcomputer or microprocessor built in into the atomic absorption or interfaced to it.




1 – Digital Display                                            R – Read Button

                                                            2 – AZ (Auto Zero) key                                   P – Power Push Button

                                                            3 – S1 key                                                       S – Signal Control Switch

                                                            4 – S2 key                                                       M– Mode Control Switch

                                                            5 – S3 key                                                       B – Background Corrector Control Switch

                                                            6 – Integration Time key                                              

                                                            7 – Expansion key                               

                                                            8 – Check key

9 – Print key

10 – Numerical keyboard