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My Current Projects at New Mexico State University

My current classes this semester include EDLT 528 and EDLT 520. The first class EDLT 528 Developing Educational Resources for the Internet is demonstrating to me how I am able to combine my technology background with the knowledge I have learned in the College of Education. This semester I will combine these efforts and demostrate my abilities by creating a major webpage project that will enable web users to learn about the in's and out's of Open Source. I will create this page using Dreamweaver and edit it using Nu View an open source software program designed to allow users to create webpages without the high cost of software.

 EDLT 520 An Inroduction to Multimedia is allowing me to experience the many forms of technology that are availiable and can be used to design and develop educational applications. In this class our instructor explores many avenues of multimedia from blogs, wikis and hypermedia to digital cameras and video recording. We are developing some interesting projects this semester. If you would like to see what we are doing so far, click on the EDLT 520 link to the left of this screen



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