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Congratulations on your admission to New Mexico State University (NMSU)! The Indian Student Association (ISA) members are pleased to welcome you to Las Cruces, New Mexico. Please scroll below to obtain answers for most of your queries. For anything else related to ISA activity or NMSU, feel free to contact ISA. Many senior students are proactively participating in ISA to provide you with the latest updates and answer your queries.

ISA News
Oct 19, 2013: "Roshini 2013" celebrations at NMSU Music Hall. Sep 08, 2013: "Potluck Fall 2013" celebrations at Teakwood Inn & Suites. Learn more...

Visa Information

Having the correct documentation in place before your trip is essential to travel outside India. Below are the Passport & Visa requirements that will help make your trip run smoothly.

What to bring?

Collection of items (Clothes, Toilet Kit, Food Items, Utensils, Medicines, Miscellaneous) which are made with a view that immediate expenditure on arrival into U.S.A. should be minimal.


All other important items (Documents, Things to be left at home, Things to be done in advance before departure) that helps you with what to bring to university.


Information and resources about living and housing.