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Equipment and Supplies

Traps and Capture Devises

Small Mammals

H.B. Sherman Traps.  The best and most frequently used small mammal live-traps.  To reduce chewing damage order traps with galvanized steel doors and treadles (this adds to weight and cost).

Woodstream Museum Special Traps.  The best kill-trap for mice and rats.  Designed to reduce damage to skull.  Available from Forestry Suppliers.

Ancare.  Sell nestlets for cold weather trapping.  Nestlets are small squares of compressed cotton fiber that are placed in a trap with the bait.  Mice shred the material to make a nest that will keep the animal insulated until you check the trap.

Trap bags.  Large canvas messenger bags from Reusablebags.com.


Woodstream Victor Easy Set gopher trap.  An effective and selective kill-trap.  Wider shape is more suited for larger species or those in softer soils.  Least expensive gopher trap. Photograph of trap

Macabee gopher trap.  An effective and selective kill-trap.  Often claimed
to be the most reliable gopher trap. Narrow shape is excellent for
species with smaller burrows (e.g., Thomomys).  Setting the trap is
generally not intuitive for novices.  Macabee Gopher Trap Company; 110
Loma Alta Avenue; Los Gatos, CA 95032; Phone 408-354-4158
Photograph of trap
Instructions for setting Macabee gopher trap

Medium Mammals

Tomahawk Live Traps.  Tomahawks live-traps are the original live animal box trap.  Traps are available in many sizes and styles to fit almost any need.  Most standard designs are collapsible but still sturdy and durable.

Havahart Cage Traps.  Havahart traps are live-traps available either in double-door non-collapsible or single-door collapsible mesh traps.  Sizes and styles suitable for everything from mice to bobcats.  Also make bird, fish and turtle traps.


Bailey Beaver Trap.  This is an excellent live-capture trap for beaver.


Avinet. Offer variety of mist nets, canopy nets, 38 mm mesh reduced bag net that reduces tangles with bats, poles and various accessories.

Bat Conservation and Management.  Offer mist net poles and harp traps.
Dave Johnston's macro net.  These are super sized 20' by 30' nets with a support system. Dave Johnston; 20616 Brookwood Lane, Saratoga CA 95070; djohnston8@aol.com; (408) 867-2280.

Faunatech.  Makers of the Austbat Harptrap, a Tuttle-type harp traps.

Titley Electronics.  Offer AnaBat bat detector system, the most widely used acoustical bat detector system.  Also offer radio transmitters, receivers and associated equipment.

Equipment Repair

H.B. Sherman Traps.  Don't throw your broken Sherman traps in the trash!  The company sells replacement parts so you can fix broken traps.

Long Island Indicator Service, Inc.  Offers parts and service for calipers and other measuring devices

General Field Supplies

Ben Meadows

Forestry Suppliers

Field Gear for Women

Specimen Examination Equipment

Long Island Indicator Service, Inc.  Offers sales and service for calipers and other measuring devices


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