Dad's family Dennis & Hoogewerf

Joe Dennis with William, Lila & Cora
Helke Hoogewerf & Anna Van Poland with George & Jennie (my grandmother)
William Dennis 1903
William Dennis with car
William Dennis with baseball team 1904
William Dennis (my dad) and Ida May Method (my great-grandma) 1916
Private William Dennis 1917 in uniform
William Dennis 1917 in a suit
William Dennis (my grandpa) with Arthur (my dad) and Don Dennis 1930
Joe Dennis 1934 with Ida and 2 others
Dennis boys 1938 Arthur, Don, Jack, Marvin, Glen, Robert, Kenneth
Dennis Boys and Anna Arthur with Anna, Don, Jack, Marvin, Glen, Robert, Kenneth
Arthur L Dennis in 1947 Ft. Benning GA
Jeanine L. Demerse in 1949 in uniform
Don Dennis 1950 in uniform
Jeanine L. Demerse at mike and spinning records
William Dennis Family 1950 William, Jennie Arthur, Don, Jack, Marvin, Glen, Robert, Kenneth, Anna, Donna

Mom's family - Demerse - Caron - DeLisle

Wm Demerse

Joseph Caron family
Joseph Caron family names names on the back of the picture
Demerse family with spouses, Leo (Alice's father), Albert (my grandfather), Francis, Bill III, Russell, Margaret, Marie & Seaver
Wiliam Demerse (Alice's grandpa, my great grandpa), Alice & Leo (Alice's dad)
DeLisle sisters Mary (Alice's grandma), Emma, Anna, Rena
Mary (Alice's grandma) and Russell
William Demerse and sons Russell, Seaver, Leo (Alice's father), Francis, William (my great-grandpa) and Albert (my grandfather)
Demerse siblings post card "On the river."
Leo Demerse with Doris, Darlene, Johnny
Francis, Leo, Doris, Darlene
Jeanine Demerse (Dennis) 1930 the child with the bow is my mom

Arthur & Jeanine Dennis Family

Arthur L Dennis with Jennifer and Les in 1956
Dennis siblings Christmas 1964 Rycke, Robin, Leslie, Jennifer, Bill, Mary, Sue & John
Dennis siblings Christmas 1966 Lisa, Sue, Rycke, Jennifer, Leslie, Robin, Bill, John, Mary
Dennis siblings Christmas 1973 Jennifer, Robin, Lisa, John, Bill, Mary, Sue, Rycke
Dennis family Reunion all kids and grandkids
Dennis family Reunion Rycke, Jennifer, Arthur & Jeanine, Leslie, Robin, Bill, Mary, Sue, John, Lisa
Dennis Family 2014 Bill, Les, Jennifer, John, Rycke, Lisa, Sue, Dad, Mom & Mary (missing Robin)
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