Dear Jennifer & Dan,

About two weeks ago I visited Aunt Grace and read your letter asking about information pertaining to your gad parents etc. I thought I would write as I had many talks with your grandmother and wrote some of the information down.

Jennie Hoogewerf

First, Jennie (Yanke in Dutch) Hoogewerf was born in the Netherlands near Grogingen; your mother and dad have visited in the area; to Hielke Hoogewerf and Anna Van Poland. They came to The U.S. in 1903 and went to Antrim County Michigan where in 1914 Anna Van Poland died in a fire. Jennie as the oldest girl was then responsible for keeping house and cooking.

Helke, Anna, Jennie, George I have a picture of her as a baby (passport) and one of her about 9-10 years of age (only a face with her name on the back). A picture of her as a young married woman in Detroit prior to marriage where she went to work in a boarding house run by Joseph and Ida Dennis. She had also worked in Chicago, I think, or it might have been Charlevoix in a bakery belonging to a German.

It might be interesting to know that Hielke, as a young man in the Dutch army, marched at Queen Wilhelmina's coronation. Heilke's parents were Garet Hoogewerf & Jeannie Reenawerf. He had one brother Jacob, who also came to the U.S. and whose daughter was Jennie Hekema. Anna Van Poland's Parents were Harm Van Poland and Jennie Reenawerf (a first cousin to Garet Hoogewerf's wife). Anna had three sisters and four brothers also in the U.S.

Willam, Joe, and  Cora Dennis

William Arthur Dennis was one of seven children born (in Antrim County Michigan) to Joseph Dennis and Ida May Method (Methot). Only two children lived to adulthood, William and Aunt Cora. At one time, as a young child, his parents ran a boarding house for lumbermen. Later they went to Vancouver B.C. where he worked as a drayman (moved luggage from the wharfs to homes) and homesteaded on Vancouver Island. Then to Detroit working for the C. F. Smith Grocery both managing a store (where aunt Grace worked for him one winter) and in the warehouse while his mother ran a boarding house and he met your grandmother. Your grandmother knew quite a bit about his family as they lived on the same road as your grandfather's uncles. A five year old cousin died in the same fire that killed Anna Van Polland.

Joseph Dennis's (II) parents were Joseph Dennis (I) and Julie Creary who had eight Children and Joseph I was one of eight children and he ran away from home at the age of eight (home was St. Raymond, Quebec).

Ida May Method

Ida May Method parents were Cyperian (Zip) Methot and Aurelie LeGros. They left Coteau do Lac Quebec and went to Saginaw Michigan. Cyperian lived to 92 and your grandfather told that he (Zip) had been drafted into the Northern Army in Plattsburgh, New York and had cut himself peeling potatoes and fainted. The army then discharged him.

I hope some of the things I wrote will be of interest to you. Would you mind filling out the family Group Record for yourself? I have been trying to collect some family information myself and would greatly appreciate your help. I am sending a copy of some photos that might be of some interest, also grandfather Joseph's obit. Thank you so much for writing to Aunt Grace. She really enjoys hearing from you or anyone else in the family for that matter - I just have not been a very good correspondent (or speller).

If you ever get to this part of the country, I would welcome a visit of your family.


Aunt Anna

Just thought of one or two more interesting thoughts.

Your grandfather, according to grandmother Ida Method, was supposed to have become a priest in the Catholic Church so she made life fun after he married. Your grandfather taught your father and his brothers a poem while they milked. It was "St. Peter at the Golden Gate" by Smiley. Read it - I rather think that the man and woman in the poem were similar to his parents.

Joseph Dennis

Joseph Dennis Obituary

Joseph Dennis was born in New York State March 14, 1859. He moved to Saginaw, Michigan with his parents when he was just a small child. He worked in a hoop mill at that place as a young man. He was united in marriage to Miss Ada Method in 1880. To this union were born seven children of whom two are still living, Wm A., and Mrs. J.J. Smith, both of Ellisworth Michigan. He moved to Antrim County in the summer of 1884 where he worked at farming and lumbering until 1911 when he moved to Alberta Canada, He moved back to the states in 1916 where he worked in the steel mills , on the farm and for six years in the C, F, Smith warehouse at Detroit Michigan. He moved to Duluth, Minn. in 1931 where he lived for four years. In the spring of 1935 he moved to the home of his daughter where he passed away at the age of seventy-six years, eight months and ten days.

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