Kenneth C. Carroll

I am Kenneth C. (or KC) Carroll from the Plant & Environmental Sciences Department and the Water Science & Management Graduate Program at New Mexico State University. I support the Environmental and Soil Science focus areas of the Department, and my teaching and research background and interests cover a broad range of areas that pertain to the coupling of hydrobiogeochemical processes that mediate exchange of water and chemicals between the hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere. I try to utilize multidisciplinary approaches to both research and teaching.

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  • Ph.D., University of Arizona (UA)
    • Major: Hydrology and Water Resources
    • Minor: Soil, Water, and Environmental Science (SWES)
  • M.S., Ohio University
    • Major: Aqueous/Environmental Geochemistry
  • B.S., Ohio University (OU)
    • Major: Geological Sciences


2022 – Present
Professor: Plant & Environmental Sciences Department NMSU [Supporting the Interdisciplinary Degree Program in Water Science & Management (WSM)]

2017 – 2022
Associate Professor: Plant & Environmental Sciences Department NMSU

2013 – 2017
Assistant Professor: Plant & Environmental Sciences Department NMSU

2010 – 2013
Research Scientist: Environmental Systems Group at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)

2007 – 2010
Postdoctoral Researcher/Laboratory Manager: UA SWES Department

2003 – 2007
Hydrogeologist and Geochemist: Water Management Consultants and Hydro Geo Chem, Inc.

1999 – 2003
Research Assistant: SWES Department at UA

1997 – 1999
Teaching Assistant: Geological Sciences Department at OU

Interdisciplinary Degree Program in Water Science & Management:

I also support the WSM graduate program, which aims to provide graduate education for addressing state, national, and international water issues, and to train the next generation of water professionals needed to meet several water resources challenges including the supply, development, quality, management, and administration of water resources. A major need exists to train the next generation of water resource researchers, educators, and managers to address these challenges, both inside and outside New Mexico. More information may be found at

Research Interests:

My research interests include the development of innovative water resources, environmental-remediation, carbon-sequestration, and energy-production alternatives covering a broad range of cross-disciplinary areas that pertain to soil and environmental science.

  • Advancing our understanding of water supply and water quality in arid regions
  • Development of innovative water resources, environmental-remediation, carbon-sequestration, and energy-production alternatives
  • Experimental and numerical evaluation of coupled multiphase-fluid flow, biogeochemical, and mass-transfer processes
  • Characterization of subsurface physical and chemical heterogeneity and the associated impacts on fluid flow, transport, and fate of chemicals within various geologic systems
  • Development of novel approaches for characterization of contamination natural attenuation and active-remediation enhancement

My experience also includes applied research for technology development and feasibility/treatability assessments.

  • I am working to develop advanced oxidation as a subsurface remediation option for organic contamination in groundwater (including emerging contaminants such as 1,4-dioxane).
  • Previously, I have worked on mine-site hydrology and environmental issues including acid rock drainage and open-pit dewatering and slope stability for many of the largest metal mines in the world.
  • I have conducted numerical-modeling code comparisons for CO2 sequestration including both trapping mechanisms and geomechanics for CO2 leakage risk analysis.
  • I have also supported the development of mass flux measurement and analysis for assessing contamination remediation, which lead to a framework for determining remediation site closure criteria.
  • I have been working with collaborators at PNNL on the development of enhanced geothermal energy as an alternative energy source.
  • I have also been examining environmental impact and potential for contaminant attenuation in the vadose zone for waste water from oil and gas production, and we have also been working on evaluating partial treatment of produced water for beneficial use.

Research and Teaching Philosophy:

My research interests include evaluating the fundamental physical, chemical, and biological processes that impact the transport and fate of chemicals in environmental systems. I use a multidisciplinary approach to research by integrating aspects from several scientific fields to investigate processes at a multitude of scales from the molecular scale to the basin scale. I believe a multidisciplinary approach is required for the evaluation of coupled processes that influence hydrobiogeochemical cycles. I also extend this multidisciplinary approach to my teaching.

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