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Social Robotics Researcher

I am an Assistant Professor of Psychology at New Mexico State University as of August 2018. In particular, I study social human-robot interaction (HRI) in intergroup contexts.

***We are currently accepting Postdoctoral researcher candidates! click here for details!***

I am accepting graduate students for Fall 2020 and undergraduate research assistants beginning Fall 2019. Email me if you are interested!

Recent News


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We had a great time teaching teens to write scripts for human-robot interaction at the teen science Cafe!

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Thanks to Matthew Rueben for coming to NMSU and giving a fantastic talk on Privacy-Sensitive Robotics! We enjoyed gaming with you too!

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09/02/2019: We have funding for a postdoctoral researcher for the next two years to work on our NASA project! The official website is still underway, but applications are accepted from now until when the position is filled. The description can be found here. Can't wait to add another member to our team!


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Visiting Sandia with grad students Michelle Cormier and Harrison Preusse. We had some great chats with various researchers and engineers. Thank you for having us!

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Lab having a great time volunteering with the Apollo Next Giant Leap Student Challenge!

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From our visit to NASA and our collaborator, Terry Fong, this summer!

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Our collaborators from Indiana University! 🤖 Sawyer Collins (left), Kyrie J Amon (middle), & Marlena Fraune (right).

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05/25/2019: Official word just came in! I will be awarded NSF Cyber-Human Systems (CHS) Early Career Funding (CRII)! This will help fund my grad students and basic/applied research on group dynamics in human-robot interaction for the next two years. Thank you, NSF!

04/25/2019: Just this week, I have finished up a grant submission to NASA's Early Career Faculty (ECF) grant. If accepted, we will extend our work on robots like Astrobee that switch mode between tool, telepresence robot, and autonomous. Fingers crossed!


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URCAS 2019! 🤖 For our way back Wednesday we are sharing photos of our team at the Symposium! #newmexico #newmexicostateuniversity #robotics #nmsu #urcas #wbw

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04/15/2019: And we have a second graduate student joinng us for the Fall! Welcome, Harrison Pruesse to the iHRI Lab

04/01/2019: We are very excited to welcome, Danielle Langlois to the iHRI Lab! You can read about her more on our Lab page.

03/17/2019: This week, I attended the International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction to present my work on the discontinuity effect. It was great to re-meet so many amazing people in the field, and to meet new ones!

02/22/2019: Congratulations to Sean Christeson for acceptance into the Discovery Scholar Program for his work on our project about Cross-Cultural effects on Group-Based Emotions!

02/20/2019: We are thrilled to have received NASA funding to jumpstart our project about improving modes of Astrobee space robots for human interaction. Stay tuned for updates!!

01/01/2019: Our paper on the discontinuity effect has been accepted to the International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction. See you in South Korea!!

12/11/2018: Our Nao robots arrived! Welcome to the family, Kira Janet and Jason Michael.

10/31/2018: We are in conversation with reserachers from NASA, like Terry Fong to discuss how our iHRI Lab might benefit the NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate. Shoot for the stars!

10/01/2018: I have just submitted a paper on the discontinuity effect in HRI to the International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction with co-authors Steven Sherrin, Selma Sabanovic, and Eliot Smith. Fingers crossed!

10/01/2018: We have been in contact with people from Sandia national labs about potential collaboration. Stay tuned for updates in the next few months!

09/12/2018: Working on the next grant now! This one is about using virtual reality to test human-drone interaction. I am so happy to be working with Principle Investigator (PI) Dr. Igor Dolgov (psychology) and Co-PIs Drs. Zachary Toups, Son Tran, and Bill Hamilton (computer science).

08/21/2018: I am applying with Dr. Ana Paiva of Lisbon, Portugal and Dr. Micho Okada of Japan for funding to send students abroad for international research. Fingers crossed!

08/16/2018: First day teaching Research Methods and first lab meeting. Welcome Rocio Guzman, Tammy Tsai, and Kevin Liaw to the lab!

05/14/2018: I presented our work (Kyrie Jig, Sawyer Collins, Steven Sherrin, Selma Sabanovic, Eliot Smith) on construal level theory in HRI at the Midwestern Cognitive Science Conference!

04/07/2018: Three of my students, Tyler Moon, Priya Saravanan, and Kathryn Wallisch, just won a Best Poster Award at the Midwest Undergraduate Cognitive Science Conference!!! Congratulations! And congratulations to Christine Rheintgen and Ji Hyung Kim for presenting as well!

04/06/2018: I am migrating to this new website. Yay! You can access my prior website at pages.iu.edu/~mfraune/.