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Intergroup Human-Robot Interaction (iHRI) Lab

Our former postdoc, Matthew Rueben, made available materials for his class: Exploring the Future through Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. We welcome instructors to freely use these materials.

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Intergroup Human-Robot Interaction (iHRI) Lab scholars

Back (left to right): Sean Christeson, Harrison Preusse, Bryan Castro, Danielle Langlois, Bailey Brown

Front (left to right): Cheyenne Valdespino, Julian Welsh, Marlena Fraune, Cheyenne Cano, Ariel Chen

Not pictured: Mahlet Zemedie, Michelle Cormier, Grace Igwe, Tricia Sulpizio, Kristina Herrera, Daniel Herrera, Avianna Amancio

Marlena R. Fraune, Principle Investigator

With a robot Dr. Marlena R. Fraune is an Assistant Professor of Psychology heading the Intergroup Human-Robot Interaction (iHRI) Lab at New Mexico State University. She received her B.A. in Psychology at Beloit College in 2013, and her PhD at Indiana University in 2018. During her time in the PhD program, she studied intergroup human-robot interaction nationally and abroad, as a visiting researcher at Toyohashi University of Technology (2014, 2016), Bielefeld University (2015), Kyoto University (2016), and the United States Air Force Research Lab (2017). Her hobbies include camping, hiking, dancing, gaming, and travel.

Ph.D. Students

Rachel Au Rachel Au earned her Bachelor and MPhil Degree in Psychology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has previously worked as a teaching assistant and senior research assistant at Hong Kong Baptist University, teaching psychology tutorials and working on critical thinking education research. Her major research interests concern mind perception and its influences on human-robot interaction. She is also interested in emotion and morality. Her leisure hobbies include reading (mostly science and philosophy) and video games.

Masters Students

Michelle Cormier Michelle Cormier comes from a background in cognitive psychology from the University of Connecticut, followed by pursuing a second bachelor’s in computer science in the University of Victoria, BC before returning to Las Cruces for graduate studies. Her research focuses on the interaction of humans with their technology particularly the medium of those interactions. She is particularly interested in virtual and augmented reality especially where those areas involve AI and robotics. Michelle is also a huge nerd for coffee, the history/practice of animation and pen & paper RPGs. In her rare spare time she writes, runs and plays tabletop and PC games.

Michelle Rheman Michelle Rheman graduated from New Mexico State University in 2021 with a bachelor’s in Psychology. I’m passionate about Human-Robot Interactions (HRI), specifically geared towards children and how they perceive trust and closeness with robots. In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors, water activities, hiking, and camping. I’m also passionate about traveling and cooking and spend most of my time doing so with my husband and my Mini-Australian Shepard, Abby.

Jennifer Martinez Jennifer Martinez graduated from Arizona State University in 2019 with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. She has a background in Behaviorism, working alongside Behavioral analyst practitioners who focus on children with intellectual disabilities. Her current research focuses on perceptions of robot interactions in customer usage and analyzing employee upskilling with the implementation of automation. She has a fascination for Psychology, Hospitality, Behaviorism, Human Factors, Human-Robot Interaction, Human-Automation Interaction, and User Experience. In her free time, she likes to compete in 5ks, go hiking with her dog Ms. Daisy and catch up on some reading.



Matthew Rueben ............................
Matthew Rueben, Ph.D., Former Postdoctoral researcher at NMSU

Harrison Preusse ............................

Danielle Langlois

Harrison Preusse, M.A., Human Factors Researcher at Emergo by UL Danielle Langlois, M.A., PhD Student at Masaryk University in Brno

Evelyn Wilson ............................

Arjab Dhakal

Evelyn Wilson, B.A., Psychology Arjab Dhakal, B.A., Researcher at iUser Solutions