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Social Robotics Researcher

I am an Assistant Professor of Psychology at New Mexico State University as of August 2018 and an Amazon Visiting Academic as of December 2021. In particular, I study intergroup theories applied to human-machine teaming (HMT) and social human-robot interaction (HRI).

I am accepting undergraduate research assistants beginning Fall 2022. Email me if you are interested!

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Recent News

05/04/2022: Our former postdoc, Matthew Rueben, made available materials for his class: Exploring the Future through Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. We welcome instructors to freely use these materials. Thanks, Matt!!

04/10/2022: Our new Double Robotics telepresence robots have arrived for our longitudinal study that Michelle Rheman designed in collaboration with Kate Tsui from TRI! Can't wait to get started.

03/07/2022: Congratulations to Rachel Au and Katrina Ling for their work published in the HRI Conference this year!

12/14/2021: Welcome to the newest member of our lab, Jennifer Martinez, who will work toward her M.A. and Ph.D. in our department while partnering with Dr. Betsy Stringam from Hospitality

11/20/2021: Marlena Fraune is happy to accept a part-time offer to work with Amazon on improving human-robot interaction!


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10/25/2021: Congratulations to Harrison Preusse and Rebecca Skulsky for their publication in Frontiers, on their naturalistic study!


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09/05/2021: This year, we are happy for our PSYC 547 Engineering Psychology class to partner with the Museum of Nature and Science to help improve museum exhibits

07/18/2021: We're in the news! "New Mexico State University professors study technology’s role on the hospitality workforce"


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04/16/2021: Congratulations to Harrison Preusse for successfully defending his Master's Thesis on trust transfer between robots and for winning the College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Graduate Award! We can't wait to see where you go next!

04/11/2021: Welcome to Mikaela Miele, our newest Discovery Scholar student. We are very excited to be working with you!

03/26/2021: Congratulations to Rachel Au for successfully presenting her Qualifying Exams. Can't wait to work with you further on your Ph.D.!

03/12/2021: Our workshop at HRI, Workshop YOUR Study Design was a huge success! Look out for our paper on how to improve your study design for HRI audiences.

02/09/2021: We're in the news for our work with the Pepper robot! : https://nmsuroundup.com/17158/video/get-to-know-pepper-a-robot-at-nmsu/#photo

01/09/2021: Congratulations to our own Michelle Rheman for her accepted Late-Breaking Report (LBR) to the 2021 Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) Conference!

12/11/2020: Our workshop was just accepted to the International Conference of HRI! Join us in March to Workshop YOUR Study Design with fantastic mentors in the field!

11/23/2020: We are incredibly excited to welcome Dr. Matthew Rueben as a new postdoctoral researcher in our lab. We can't wait to get started working with you, Matt!

11/23/2020: Congratulations to Dylan van Hooshier, Carmen Rios, Andrea Alvaez, and Danielle Langlois for their first-place poster prize at NMSU’s Research and Creativity Week!

11/23/2020: We are also proud of Sarah Kuballa, Danya Parson, Michelle Rheman, and Kat Ling for their second-place poster at NMSU’s Research and Creativity Week!


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Meet our newest lab member - Pepper! She’s excited to help welcome our campus back to 100 West Cafe.

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