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Social Robotics Researcher

I am an Assistant Professor of Psychology at New Mexico State University as of August 2018. In particular, I study social human-robot interaction (HRI) in intergroup contexts.

I am accepting graduate students for Fall 2019 and undergraduate research assistants beginning Spring 2019. Email me if you are interested!

Recent News

03/17/2019: This week, I attended the International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction to present my work on the discontinuity effect. It was great to re-meet so many amazing people in the field, and to meet new ones!

02/22/2019: Congratulations to Sean Christeson for acceptance into the Discovery Scholar Program for his work on our project about Cross-Cultural effects on Group-Based Emotions!

02/20/2019: We are thrilled to have received NASA funding to jumpstart our project about improving modes of Astrobee space robots for human interaction. Stay tuned for updates!!

01/01/2019: Our paper on the discontinuity effect has been accepted to the International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction. See you in South Korea!!

12/11/2018: Our Nao robots arrived! Welcome to the family, Kira Janet and Jason Michael.

10/31/2018: We are in conversation with reserachers from NASA, like Terry Fong to discuss how our iHRI Lab might benefit the NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate. Shoot for the stars!

10/01/2018: I have just submitted a paper on the discontinuity effect in HRI to the International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction with co-authors Steven Sherrin, Selma Sabanovic, and Eliot Smith. Fingers crossed!

10/01/2018: We have been in contact with people from Sandia national labs about potential collaboration. Stay tuned for updates in the next few months!

09/12/2018: Working on the next grant now! This one is about using virtual reality to test human-drone interaction. I am so happy to be working with Principle Investigator (PI) Dr. Igor Dolgov (psychology) and Co-PIs Drs. Zachary Toups, Son Tran, and Bill Hamilton (computer science).

08/21/2018: I am applying with Dr. Ana Paiva of Lisbon, Portugal and Dr. Micho Okada of Japan for funding to send students abroad for international research. Fingers crossed!

08/16/2018: First day teaching Research Methods and first lab meeting. Welcome Rocio Guzman, Tammy Tsai, and Kevin Liaw to the lab!

05/14/2018: I presented our work (Kyrie Jig, Sawyer Collins, Steven Sherrin, Selma Sabanovic, Eliot Smith) on construal level theory in HRI at the Midwestern Cognitive Science Conference!

04/07/2018: Three of my students, Tyler Moon, Priya Saravanan, and Kathryn Wallisch, just won a Best Poster Award at the Midwest Undergraduate Cognitive Science Conference!!! Congratulations! And congratulations to Christine Rheintgen and Ji Hyung Kim for presenting as well!

04/06/2018: I am migrating to this new website. Yay! You can access my prior website at pages.iu.edu/~mfraune/.