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Social Robotics Researcher

I am an Assistant Professor of Psychology at New Mexico State University as of August 2018. In particular, I study social human-robot interaction (HRI) in intergroup contexts.

Recent News

05/14/2018: I presented our work (Kyrie Jig, Sawyer Collins, Steven Sherrin, Selma Sabanovic, Eliot Smith) on construal level theory in HRI at the Midwestern Cognitive Science Conference!

04/07/2018: Three of my students, Tyler Moon, Priya Saravanan, and Kathryn Wallisch, just won a Best Poster Award at the Midwest Undergraduate Cognitive Science Conference!!! Congratulations! And congratulations to Christine Rheintgen and Ji Hyung Kim for presenting as well!

04/06/2018: I am migrating to this new website. Yay! You can access my prior website at pages.iu.edu/~mfraune/.