Favorite Websites

Critical/Radical Pedagogy
AllKidsGrieve.org Social action and critical pedagogy
Critical Pedagogy University of Colorado at Denver -Resorces, Readings, People...
Rage & Hope Unjust circumstances that surround the educational experiences of the dispossessed
Radical Pedagogy Article: The Relationship between Critical Pedagogy and Assessment in Teacher Education
Radical Pedagogy

Journal analyzes teaching and learning Volume 7: Issue 2
Fall 2005
Isabel Moreno-Lopez
Sharing Power with Students: The Critical Language Classroom


Brain-based Learning
Caine & Caine Principles of brain-based learnning. Many educator resources
Susan Kovalik Integrated thematic instruction.


Alternative Schools
Free School AS#1 Visit this Free School in Washington state (a public school!).
Summerhill A. S. Niell's legacy of Free Schools
Swallowtail A Waldorf school (private school in Hillsboro, Oregon)
Montessori International Montessori
Waldorf Schools Website for the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America


Inquiry Curriculum
CTCM Critical Thinking Curriculum Model
Susan Kovalik Integrated thematic instruction
Outdoor Education Curriculum Student developed curriculum
Evolution On-line Course 5-E Learning cycle science curriculum
Gaia Hypothesis UTEP student developed curriculum


Field Trips
Hawaii Journey Visit the big island on this virtual trip.


Instructional Models
Poblem-based Learning  
Issues-based Learning Critical Thinking Curriculum Model
Annotated biliography Online articles on the Learning Cycle


National Science Education Standards  
Texas Science Standards Texas Education Agency (TEKS)
New Mexico Standards NM Public Education Department


Online Assessment Rubrics
Alternative Assessment Miami Museum Science - Forms of assessment
North central Regional Educational Laboratory Why should assessment be based on a vision of learning? - Article w/refs


General Education Resources
Rethinking Schools

We advocate the reform of elementary and secondary education, with a strong emphasis on issues of equity and social justice.

Accelerated School Project Comprehensive approach to school change - Stanford University origin
AllKidsGrieve Home Resource for parents, teachers, counselors and other caring adults
Questia Worlds largest onlline library
U.S. Depatment of Education  
Bullfrog Films Great visual media source
TC Record The voice of scholarship in education
The Educational Alliance Brown University - Issues of equity & diversity in education
Center for the Study of Teaching & Policy Focuses on the system-wide improvement of learning and teaching and the development of a highly capable, committed teaching force-University of Washington
AACTE Education Policy Clearinghouse Focus is on the study of education policies, especially as related to teacher preparation
National Center for Teaching Thinking "All students can be good thinkers"
Center for Teaching Excellence Columbia College Chicago-visual, performance, media & communication arts
Cost of War National Priorities Project - Online $ ticker on cost of war
Beyond Books Interactive online books
Center for Study of Teaching and Policy Research: Studies efforts to improve the quality of teachers, teaching, and learning
Fullbright Scholar Program Programs for scholars all over the globe
Institute for Developmental Studies Serves as a global centre for research, innovation and learning in citizen participation and participatory approaches to development.
Agenda for Education in Democracy Institute for Educational Inquiry
Federal resources for educational excellence Curriculum resources and lesson plans for all academic areas
APA Writing Style Writing support from Purdue University


Alternative Media
Public Citizen Protecting health, safety & Democracy
The Onion News Source A great alternative news source
Greenpeace Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice.
Mexico Solidarity Network ...democracy, economic justice and human rights on both sides of the US-Mexico border
Common Dreams Breaking news and views for the progressive community
Women Make Movies Women Make Movies is a multicultural, multiracial, non-profit media arts organization which facilitates the production, promotion, distribution and exhibition of independent films and videotapes by and about women.
Union Voice Network of unions that utilize the Internet to get timely news updates and information to those interested in issues concerning America's workers
Robert Cray Video The boots were being prepared to play a role in a music video for blues musician Robert Cray's poignant new song, “Twenty,” telling the story of a young soldier, who questions his mission in Iraq, but is killed before his deployment is up.
Dishonest Dubya Animation


Environmental Science/Education
CDRI Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute
EEANM Environmental Education Association of New Mexico
NEETF National Environmental Education and Teaching Foundation - Teacher support, grants...
Population Connection Great materials for classrrom use...free in-class workshops plus curriculum


Science Education Resources
Potrillo Seismic Experiement Learn about the volcanism of the region
Before it's too Late Current preparation that students in the United States receive in mathematics and science is, in a word, unacceptable
National Council for Science and the Environment Improving the scientific basis for environmental decisionmaking
ENC Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for science and math: Free resources
SCIMAST Issues in mathematics and science education to instructional ideas and resources
NSF National Science Foundation
McDonald Observatory Teacher resources
NISE Nat'l Institute for Science Education
Solar Cooking Great ideas and resources for use in the classroom
NSTA Natioanl Science Teachers Association - Sign up as a student and save
Human Genome Research National Institute of Health teacher resources


Cultural Resources
Women's Intercultural Center In Anthony, NM...a place for women on the border to develop and grow and make connections
Tejano Voices University of Texas at Arlington
Rethinking Schools Great supplemental/alternative multicultural curriculum resources. Web Resources
The Line Betwee Us Curriculum resource for teaching about the Border and Mexican Immigration
Chicano Inspired by Cheech Marin
DiversityStore.com Multicultural posters, books, videos...
Teacher's Corner Multicultural Teaching Toolbox
Multicultural Pavillion Critical, transformative approach to multicultural education - film reviews, wkshps..
NAME Nat'l Assoc for Multicultural Education - Journal and conferences
Border Book Festival Re-imaginado la frontera festival: 12th annual border book festival


Dedicated to diversity, equity, and justice in schools and society.

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