Student Projects

Over the years, I have used many forms of assessment in my courses. This page shares some of the final projects that students did to show they could integrate technology while also sharing their research and interpretations of curriculum. Students were asked to develop a lesson or curriculum unit based on ideas learned in class. They are intended to be constructivist activities and most are inquiry-based science lessons. I am sure as students progress through their education and career, they can look back at this work and see where it can be modified and improved. For most, this was the first time writing curriculum and using an html editor.

Gaia - Science Field Resources

Reform in Science Education (Fall 2000)

Integrated Curriculum - Institute for Science Integration students visit the WIPP site for nuclear waste disposal (Spring 2001)

Chihuahuan Desert Science (Summer 2002)

Inquiry Learning Units (Ffall 2002)

Problem-based Lessons (Summer 2003)

Learning Cycle Inquiry Lessons (Spring 2004)

Inquiry Science in the Elementary Classroom (Fall 2005)

Elementary Science Methods (Spring 2006)

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