Bill Ogden
Ph. 575-644-7841

Ph.D Engineering Psychology, New Mexico State University, 1981
M.A. Experimental Psychology, New Mexico State University, 1976
B.S. Psychology (with Honors), University of Oregon, 1974.
Research Interests & Background:

Bill Ogden is a Cognitive Psychologist who has been involved in the study of human computer interaction since 1981. As a human factors specialist, he has been involved in all aspects of software interface development, including design, evaluation, prototyping and implementation. Working at IBM, he was involved in the development of user interface guidelines and style guides, conducting IBM seminars related to these issues. He was primarily involved in the design and evaluation of database query interfaces, conducting research evaluating natural language interfaces which led to the publication of a number of articles on this issue. He designed, prototyped, and tested a database interface that became part of IBM's OS/2 software environment.

As a Project Manager at the Computing Research Lab at New Mexico State University, Bill successfully applied principles of user participatory design to the development and implementation of many software interfaces, including Cibola , a translator support system incorporating state-of-the-art linguistic tools. He also designed and developed a suite of tools extensively used by government analysts in ARPA's TIPSTER text extraction project. He is the author of a GUI builder software package, Tabula Rasa, for text extraction applications. He was the lead designer and manager for the Oleada project, a networked integrated multilingual text processing system with flexible tools designed for language analysis and instruction. This system has been adapted for use in government language schools to increase the quality of foreign language instruction.

Most recently he studied user interface issues in multilingual and cross-language interactive applications for information retrieval and collaborative work. In particular he applied task-based methods for evaluating machine translation technology embeded in instant messaging applications and created inovative solutions to some of the problems found.

He has taught the art of user interface design to undergraduate and graduate students at New Mexico State University for 15 years. [CS485]

Selected Publications:

Ogden, W., Zacharski, R., An, S, and Ishikawa, Y.  (2009)  “User choice as an evaluation metric for web translation in cross language instant messaging applications” Machine Translation Summit VII, August 26-30, 2009, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. [pdf]

Ogden, W. C. (2009) "A Task-based Evaluation Method for Embedded Machine Translation in Instant Message Systems:, In P. McDermott, & L. Allender (Eds.), Advanced Decision Making Archetectures for the Warfighter: Foundations and Technology, Partners of the Army Research Laboratory Advanced Decision Architectures Collaborative Technology Alliance, Final Report for DAAD19-01-2-0009. [pdf]

Ogden, W. C., McDonald, J. Bernick, P., Chadwick, R., (2006) “Habitability in Question-Answering Systems”, In T. Strzalkowski; & S. Harabagiu (Eds.), Advances in Open Domain Question Answering, Series: Text, Speech and Language Technology , Vol. 32,  Amsterdam: Springer. 

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