NM MSP Acronynm List

Specifically related to NSF

CETP- Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation

CLT - Centers for Teaching & Learning

EHR - Division of Education and Human Resources

EPSCoR - Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research

ESR - Educational System Reform

MSP - Math and Science Partnership

ROLE - Research on Learning and Education

RSI - Rural Systemic Initiative

SLC - Science Learning Center

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Related to our Partnership of Partnerships

AISES – American Indian Science & Engineering Society

APS - Albuquerque (Alamogordo and Artesia) Public Schools

ATI – Albuquerque Teachers Institute

ENMCMSE – Eastern NM Center for Math & Science Education

ENMERC – Eastern NM Educational Resource Consortium

ENMU - Eastern New Mexico University

GMI - Gadsden Math Initiative

ITP - Innovative Technology Partners

LANL - Los Alamos National Labs

MESA – Math, Engineering & Science Achievement

NMACC - NM Association Community College

NMHU - New Mexico Highlands University

NMMNHS - New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

NMPMSE - NM Partnership of Math Science Education

NMSU - New Mexico State University

NNMCC - Northern New Mexico Community College

NNMCEE – Northern New Mexico Council for Excellence in Education

NNMNRE – Northern NM Network for Rural Education

SBE – NM State Board of Education

SDE -  NM State Department of Education

SNMBCMSE – Southern NM Border Center for Math & Science Education

SNMERC- Southeastern NM Educational Resource Center

UNM - University of New Mexico

WNMU - Western New Mexico University

WSTF - White Sands Test Facility

Curriculum Projects

ARISE – American Renaissance in Science Education

BSCS – Biological Sciences Curriculum Study

CMP – Connected Math Project

DMI – Developing Mathematical Ideas

FACETS – Foundations & Challenges to Encourage Technology-based Science

FOSS – Full Option Science

IMP – Integrated Math Project

LOL –Lenses on Learning

STC – Science & Technology for Children

TIMS – Teaching Integrated Math & Science Project

UCSMP – U of Chicago School Math Project

National Organizations

AAAS - American Association for the Advancement of Science

AFT - American Federation of Teachers

EDC – Education Development Center

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASSMC - National Association of State Science and Math Coalitions

NCTM - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

NEA - National Education Association

NSRC – National Science Resource Center

NSTA - National Science Teachers Association

SSMA - School Science and Math Association

Other related state entities

CESE - Coalition for Excellence in Science and Math Education

CHE - Commission on Higher Education

LESC - Legislative Education Study Committee

LFC - Legislative Finance Committee

NM-CETP- NM Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation

NMCTM - NM Council of Teachers of Math

NMSTA - NM Science Teachers Association

NMTA - NM Teacher Assessment

PSC - Professional Standards Commission

REC - Regional Education Cooperative

RETA - Regional Educational Technology Assistance

SBE - State Board of Education

TEAC - Teacher Education Advisory Council

Misc terms

AP – Advanced Placement

EPSS – Educational Plan for Student Success

IDC - Indirect Cost Rate (aka Overhead)

NMTA – New Mexico Teacher Assessment