New Mexico Partnership for Mathematics and Science Education

Minutes of NMPMSE Meeting

Albuquerque, NM


Present: Rick Scott, Julie Johnston, Tim Aydelott, Dick Metzler, Pat Hess, Bob Sanchez, Jerry Everhart, Anne Madsen, Terry Dunbar, Lynn Darragh, Garry Davis, Michele Diel, Mary Finch, Elaine Hampton, Lynn Nordstrom, Helen Casarez Smith, Pat Young, Carole Zibert

Rick Scott, Co-President, opened the meeting at 5:30 p.m. with greetings and introductions. Rick presented an overhead of the purposes and goals from the organization's Article's of Incorporation to allow an examination of the activities of the organization. In Rick's opinion, the only goal that has been consistently addressed is the one to give information to the attending members about individual projects. Rick also presented the 5 principles on which the National Association of State Math and Science Coalitions (NASSMC) has based its request to NSF for core funding, and read 6 issues that might be relevant to our state. Rick reported on thoughts from Vicente Llamas, Co-President. Vicente proposed that NMPMSE compose and send a letter to NSF explaining the collaboration that it has had with systemic initiatives in the state and suggesting that it has the critical mass for continuation of systemic reform beyond funding from NSF and could continue to benefit from support from a national organization.

A lively discussion about the mission of the Partnership and future activities followed:

-don't disband this organization - find out where the state is going-what is the vision

-there are important issues coming up--proposed legislation of professional development of teachers, educational materials adoptions in math and science (in 1998 there will be a regional NSTA Conference in Albuquerque)

-two key State Department of Education positions are vacant: Title II and Math Supervisor

-we need to flesh out future plans--where do we want to go

-there is a need to consolidate power--decide on a goal, and go for it, we have to have a big dream

-in some cases Title II monies are not being efficiently handled and there is a lack of leadership

-the TIMSS report will have a negative response--this report must be read in its entirety as it contains a great deal of information-no sound bites here ( for TIMSS information)

-news in media must be more than inflammatory sound bites

-some small regional papers are covering math and science issues and events with more depth

Mary Finch moved that the Co-President appoint a task committee to develop an action plan for the future activities of the Partnership with respect to educational materials adoptions. The plan should be circulated to members before the next meeting. Terry Dunbar seconded the motion. The motion passed. Rick asked for volunteers and the following committee was formed: Tim Aydelott, Mary Finch, Elaine Hampton, Lynn Nordstrom, Bobby Sanchez, and Rick Scott.

Rick will contact the State Department of Education to obtain information on the status of professional development legislation.

Jerry Everhart was elected to the Partnership Board.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, February 20, in Socorro.

Submitted by Patricia Hess