New Mexico Partnership for Mathematics and Science Education

Minutes of NMPMSE Meeting

Albuquerque, NM
Meeting Attending: Ken Eckelmeyer, Ted Greer, Anne Madsen, Rick Scott, Betsy Yost, Ken Ladner, Claire Fenton, Pat Hess, Vangie Samora, Dick Metzler, Tim Aydelott.

1. Co-Presidents' Report - Rick met with Vicente who is currently in Montana. There are 2 board positions that need to be filled and it was suggested that the positions be filled in industry/business people. A letter has been sent to Domenici in support of Eisenhower funding. The Governors Summit report was distributed and feedback to NASSMC has been requested.

The Governor has expressed support for student access to Internet. Phone line problems are currently being addressed by the State Corporation Commission. It was suggested that the Governor be approached directly to provide information about the NMPMSE and our willingness to collaborate.

2. Program Reports

% SIMSE - Vangie reported that they are completing the 4th year with over 39 districts participating. They are in the process of developing a fifth year plan to submit to NSF. In addition they will submit an extension proposal assuming that NSF continues its plan of continuing SSI's. To date, there is no plan with the State Department of Education concerning the 5 positions being continued.

% UCAN - Betsy reported that the program is being implemented through its 6 coalitions and that there is an emphasis on community involvement and the use of technology. They are in the process of submitting a progress report to NSF and will develop a second year plan to be submitted in September.

% CRCM - Betsy reported on the plans for phasing out CRCM as it is officially closed as of August, 1996. AP-NM will be continued through NMHU based on a legislative allocation to the program. CASM will be folded into Project Success, an initiative of the Commission on Higher Education. The ASET strategy may be continued through various strategies, including AP-NM. An agenda of policy issues that need to be addressed at the state and district levels is being addressed and input is welcome! AP-NM has two workshops scheduled to address vertical teaming, a strategy to coordinate the curriculum across grade levels. While focused on middle-high school curriculum in mathematics, many teachers have decided to include elementary and post secondary representatives as part of their teams. Also, it is a strategy that can be applied to any discipline.

% Connections - The teacher enhancement proposal for high school math and science will be re-submitted in the fall.

% Informal Science- The groups will meet on April 30 at 10:00 a.m. at the NMMNH in Albuquerque.

% NMMESA - Claire reported that they are gearing up for the regional spring design programs and the senior trip . Schools are currently applying to become a new site. Summer Enrichment will include at least 5 sites. % NMMNH - Tim Aydelott indicated that a broadcasting schedule has been set through the Electronic Bridge Project. The topo of New Mexico has been pushed back until summer, 1997 and the rural science initiatives are continuing.

% LANL - Ted Greer distributed information concerning the Fiestas. LANL is working an a collaboration among its programs through ModelNets in the identification of products to help communities and schools as well as LANL staff to conduct technology training. Most of their programs are continuing and a new one, FAST, has been initiated. Fast will consist of university teams doing research at the lab and returning to the classroom to apply the work in university classes.

% Lockheed Martin Academy - Ann Madsen reported that the program is funded by a $225,000 match from Lockheed Martin to the appropriation of $225,000 from the State Legislature.. The first cycle which started at UNM will finish this summer. The second cycle will begin at Western and the third cycle will be at NMHU.

% SNL - Ken Eckelmeyer provided an update on the various lab activities: By the end of year, 60 to 70 workshops will be provided by SCIAD; a research study of teachers who access kits has been initiated; a public information campaign is underway with presentations to civic groups; and an infrastructure for the ongoing supply of the kits is being sought. Ken indicated that the kits are standards based.

% SDE - Rick reported that a review copy of the New Mexico Math/Science standards has been distributed for review and that the math consultant position has been reclassified. It was decided to monitor any funding earmarked for math/science so that it is spend on math/science education rather than in other disciplines through waivers.

% State Funding Formula - M.G. Was unable to attend and this item will be on the next agenda.

Rick will follow up with Marlis Mann concerning nominations for the Governor's statewide partnership.

5. Next meetings

The Partnership will try to schedule meetings on the first Tuesday of each meeting month. In November, the meeting will be held in conjunction with the state math/science teacher conference. Possible meeting dates are as follows:
July 7, 1996 February 2, 1997
September 9, 1996 April 7, 1997
November 21, 1996
Betsy Yost (505)454-3544 New Mexico Highlands Univ. FAX (505)454-3005 Columbia Bldg, Suite 119 Las Vegas, N.M. 87701