September 27, 1996
New Mexico Museum of Natural History
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Attending: Quincy Spurlin, Ann Madsen, Terry Dunbar, Betsy Yost, Vicente Llamas, Rick Scott, Kelly Huddleston, Donna Gee, Garry Davis, Vanetta Perry, Dick Metzler, M.G.Martinez, Dennis Vargo, Bill Armijo, Jerry Eberhart and Tim Aydelott.

1. Welcome and Introductions
Tim Aydelott welcomed the group on behalf of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History. The meeting was chaired by Co-President Rick Scott.

2. Reports
UCAN-RSI: Vicente Llamas indicated that the initiative is structured into 6 coalitions serving the four corner states and is finishing its first 15 month funding period. Two coalitions headed by Carlos Atencio and Juanita Cata serve New Mexico. There have been varying degrees of success in engaging the community to bring about systemic reform. Partnering efforts have been successful as a five state meeting of state superintendents and teams from state departments of education will initiate a series of meetings to develop a coordination and sharing of information across the states. UCAN will also be working with ETS on accountability.
NATIVE AMERICAN CURRICULUM PROJECT: Vicente Llamas provided an overview of a recent conference in Denver sponsored by four of the Rural Systemic Initiatives and NSF. The anticipated results of the project is the identification of standards based math and science curriculum that reflect indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing.
SW-RSI: Rick Scott reported that NMSU is working with the Texas A&M System to submit a proposal to NSF for a rural systemic initiative that would work with counties that border Mexico.
NMCRCM: Betsy Yost reported that the project was extended through December to allow some time to complete some activities. Primary focus is the institutionalization of CASM and AP.
AP-NEW MEXICO: The number of teacher participants from New Mexico increased by 30% for the summer institute. Focus during the academic year will continue to be Vertical Teams. Senator Bingaman has initiated work with the business community to develop support for AP-New Mexico.
SIMSE: Kelly Huddleston reported on the summer institutes held throughout the state. In addition there was a workshop introducing the Integrated Math Project (IMP).
COLLABORATIVE FOR EXCELLENCE IN TEACHER PREP: Rick Scott reported that Ricardo Jacquez of the College of Engineering has submitted a proposal to NSF that includes the two and four year institutions.
NASSMC - Rick Scott reported that our national organization, the National Association of State Science and Math Coalitions has published its first newsletter. Anyone interested in receiving a copy via e-mail can contact Rick at One major item in the newsletter concerns their continuing search for funding to sustain their operations.
NEW MEXICO MATH SURVEY: Rick Scott distributed some preliminary data summaries from the 1996 survey. Rick will discuss possible use of the data with NMCTM President Mike Goar.
NEW MEXICO FUNDING FORMULA GROUP: Manny Martinez invited input at the next meeting of the group as they will be voting on recommendations from the consultant. That recommendations may be to keep it as it is as it is viewed as one of the best in the nation. There may be recommendations to add $50million and/or to reduce or eliminate the density factor.

3. State Science Conference and Regional NCTM
The two meetings will be held in Albuquerque November 21-23, the Science Meeting will be held at La Posada and the Math Meeting at the Convention Center.

4. ECS: It was announced that a two page paper needs to be developed and submitted to the Education Commission of the States and other funding sources. Terry Dunbar will continue to work on this effort.

5. Next Meeting
Tentatively, the next meeting was set for 11/21 at the state meeting. Dick Metzler will check for meeting space and time. The agenda will include the election of 4 board members, the election of officers, and business/industry membership. Agenda input should be sent to Rick Scott. It was suggested that written summaries of reports be distributed prior to the meeting to reduce the amount of time spent on that agenda item.

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