Freezing and Boiling Points of Aqueous Solutions (Kf=1.86; Kb=0.512 oC/m)

This page is an exercise in colligative properties. When you load the page (or press "New Problem") a solute formula appears in the first cell and two of the other cells will show values. Determine the value for the missing cells and press "Check Answer." Results appear in the second table.
Hints :
  • Be careful about dissociating solutes
  • All solutions are treated as ideal
  • It is assumed there are no additional processes beyond the possible solute dissociation
  • You can continue to work on a problem until you get it correct, but you can get a new problem at any time. Restart if you want to have a new score
    Solute Solute(grams) Water Mass(g) FP (oC) BP (oC)
    Results Total Done Total Correct