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Traps to Avoid So You Can Pass Chemistry

Let's start out with a list of common mistakes students make which can sabotage their success with chemistry. Engaging in one or two of these may not break you, but these are dangerous practices. Avoid them if you want to pass chemistry!

  • Procrastinating! Putting off studying for a test until the night before, writing up labs the night before they are due, working problems the same day they are due.
  • Skipping class.
  • Only attending class on quiz days or leaving early.
  • Relying on someone else to take notes.
  • Expecting the instructor to offer extra credit or to drop a low grade.
  • Ignoring homework assignments.
  • Not preparing the lab reports.
  • Thinking a good grade early on means the class will remain the same level of difficulty or that you won't need to study later.

More recipes for disaster:

  • Don't buy the textbook until after the first test.
  • Don't study the text book until after the second exam.
  • Make sure you SKIP CLASS at least once a week.
  • DON'T TAKE NOTES in class. Don't even bring paper & pencil.
  • On test day, leave your calculator and pencil at home
  • Do all studying in one day; don't spread out your study time.
  • Study only when you feel like it.
  • Sign up for more classes than you can handle, then drop the one that actually require you to work (like Chemistry).
  • SKIP LAB at least the two time you're allowed–that'll drop you at least a letter grade
  • When you go to lab, be sure you haven't read the experiment, then tell the instructor you couldn't do the advance study assignments because the questions were too hard.
  • Never do your own homework. If you feel compelled to hand something in, make a photocopy of someone else's.
  • Skip the first exam. The make-up exam will be a breeze anyway (in your dreams).
  • NEVER EVER go see your instructor if you don't understand.
  • Assume you won't pass, so there's no need to exert any effort. Just plan to withdraw when the going gets rough.
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