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  • Go to office hours Professors reward office hours students by explaining things more clearly and giving precursor test problems (which they often don't have time to do in class) [1].
  • Don't get behind or wait until a few days before test time to cram. This stuff compounds, and even if you scrape by in Gen Chem I, the same themes will appear in Gen Chem II (if you have to take that). Better to just learn it the right way the first time [1].
  • (CHEM 112G, CHEM 116) Don't mess around when it comes to equilibrium Attend and pay attention to every lecture, and do all of the practice problems. Everything else in Gen Chem II basically stems from equilibrium, and if you can do equilibrium you can do the rest without even really having to try. It will be the same formulas and processes, just solving for different “K”'s. Sure, thermo and gas law is tough, but once you're done with those, you don't even have to think about them anymore. But don't ignore equilibrium, because it's about 60%-70% of the class [1].
  • The best way of studying for gen chem is the best way of studying for any course. Do the reading, go to class, take good notes, ask questions. If there are problem sets, do them. If there is homework, do it. If there are practice exams, do them. If there is a discussion section, go to it and ask questions. If you don't understand something, go to the professor's or the TA's office hours. Make sure you understand how to solve problems–don't just memorize the solution. If you don't do well on the first exam/quiz, go to the professor and ask about it. Figure out where you went wrong, and do better next time. If you need extra help, figure out if there is a tutoring service on campus. If you don't have time to do all of the above, for chemistry, I would focus on going to lecture and doing the problem sets. If there's something specific you don't understand, do the reading for that particular section. Make sure you can do the problems on your own without help from the book/TAs/professor/solutions, and make sure you understand each step [1].
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