Xuemei Chen

2020 Spring: MATH 377: An Intro to Numerical Methods
Office Hours: Tu 10:15-11:15; Th 11:30-12:30 @SH230

Previous Teaching

2019 Fall: Stat 470 Probability, Math 191G Calculus I
2019 Spring: Math 377 An Intro to Numerical Methods
2018 Fall: Stat 371 Prob and Stats for Engineers

University of San Francisco
2018 Summer: Linear algebra bootcamp, Numerical Linear Algebra:
2018 Spring: Statistics with Applications (MATH371), Elementary Linear Algebra (MATH230)
2017 Fall: Probability with Applications (MATH370), Numerical Analysis:
2017 Spring: Calculus II (MATH110), Elementary Linear Algebra (MATH230)
2016 Fall: Calculus I (MATH109)

University of Maryland
2014 Spring: Applied Harmonic Analysis: An Intro to Signal Processing
2013 Fall: Elementary Calculus
2013 Spring: Applied Harmonic Analysis, Calculus II
2012 Fall: Applied Harmonic Analysis